Mother’s Hut

Mother’s Hut Krishnanagar, West Bengal || Restaurant Review

What is the very first impression you get reading these two words? ‘Mother’s Hut’? For me it was love and care inside a small dry straw thatched mud-hut!!! Maybe not a cool & comforting small little house at the extreme corner of an unknown village.. thankfully it’s not that.. because that’s the reason these two, very commonly heard words are so popular in Krishnanagar. Mother’s Hut is very very popular restaurant in the city of Krishnagar and maybe a technologically cool one so far existing in Bengal..

Let me tell you everything about this place and I will always be Thankful to the afternoon when my cousin brought this name up during our post lunch lazy chat time.. it was that afternoon that we decided to celebrate a feast at this place.

Overall Review:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Where is Mother’s Hut:

As per address, the restaurant is on the National Highway 34, Beside Garai brothers Indian Oil Petrol Pump. Now if you stay in and around 25 km of Krishnagar city.. planning a lunch here won’t be an issue at all. Come by bus or train to Krishnanagar, then take a toto from there to Mother’s Hut which takes about 20-30 minutes, which is easy.

If you are crossing NH 34 from Kolkata toward Mursidabad or the other way round, or if you are near to Krishnanagar by any chance, take a purposeful detour for a sumptuous food break. If you have heard of Mother’s Hut, then you can’t miss the place on the highway.


What is Mother’s Hut:

Mother’s Hut.. as I said is a popular restaurant in Krishnagar. It’s actually a family restaurant, built on spacious area. Once inside their boundary, you will forget all the noise and honking of the whizzing road. All you will think of is food, food and more variety of food. So this place can accommodate a good number of guests, as there are 4 different sitting areas available for now including A/c, Non A/c rooms.. I think I should say eating on an open atmosphere instead. The place will appeal to anyone quite immediately.

The most interesting part is, this entire food joint is run by only and only women. And there are many women working to make this place so successfully popular. Whenever you go, it’s running busy, young crowd, family, couples, all are invited.


Now there is the weird part here.. there is no menu presented on the table by the server ladies physically.. They just don’t have any menu card to present!! Then what to do??

Simple, go to Google app, download this app called ‘Mother’s Hut’ and the entire menu along with the inventory (i.e. available- Not available) is right there.

You can order online and have the food on table, you can order online and pick it up on the way or if you stay in Krishnanagr city, then they have the facility for home delivery. Or for on the table food, you can order to the serving ladies checking food items from the app, and you know what!! The ladies don’t take your order on a piece of paper… it’s all online.. Isn’t that so COOL!! I mean the entire ordering process is completely tech based.. I still haven’t found this happening in Kolkata (I mean here restaurants still present a tab to you to choose your food option from there) but this was altogether a different arrangement.. such a flatteringly à la mode to me.. And this app is very aptly updated.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ohhh.. Can I skip this part.. I feel hungry all the time I think of their food.. Plethora of menu can be an under-statement for them. What not they serve.. Chines, Mughlai, Tandoori, South Indian, Light snacks to crispy fritas, Italian, they bake, there’s beverages starting from tea- coffee, shakes, lassi, Ice-creams.. Then Bengali Thakur Barir Ranna… Their menu is extensively abundance and everything is available every day, every time. I found very few items unavailable in the app that too being post usual lunch hours.

Now question arises is.. if so many food items available then surely they are compromising with taste or quality? That’s more surprising and still a stunning bit of this doubt. Their food is simply mind-melting.. it’s super tasty, thoughtfully portioned, artfully garnished and heartily delicious.

I went with my family, we tried some variety of cuisines and we didn’t get a chance to get disappointed at their food. On voting meter, the dahi Lassi is super duper winner.. so whatever you try there, don’t miss the plain Dahi Lassi.. Yummmmm!!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I will keep it very short. Eat as much as you can.. you will be surprised to pay peanuts in comparison. Their food is decently priced without compromising quality, without compromising portion and without compromising hygiene. Which brings us to the next and last topic..


Don’t worry a thing about hygiene.. There are dedicated cleaning staffs constantly at their job. Not only cleaning, they also sanitize the tables before offering to the other guests. The staffs are quite kind as well, as we went with a very naughty toddler, they did accommodate to her little messy ways..

So my overall point is, This place should be in your ‘to eat soon’ list.. once the situation gets better do give a visit to this place. Now people from Kolkata.. of course you can’t travel so far just to have a lunch in a restaurant (or maybe you CAN).. why not take a weekend trip to Mayapur, Murshidabad.. especially plan it by road.. in that case you have all the excuse in mind to tongue!!

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