This blog post is part of BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2021 for the theme Un-travel.

This is the second alphabet of this season, where I was almost clueless as to ‘what to write!’.. I hate it when ideas just don’t strike me when I’m all inviting to ‘aa bail mujhe maar’.. I had decided to dig deep into the theme of this season But the elaboration of the topic was just not there in my mind. It was still unchanged until I fed ‘Untravel’ on the search engine and Om Sri Google Dev ki Jai!! There is a whole website existing on this name!!

And that was curious.. I thought Un-travel should be the opposite meaning of Travel.. and here is this website named as the previous but truly and completely dedicated to travel uncondensed. This company specialise in providing exclusive Travel services to travellers who are ‘Un-travelled’.. I mean what is that supposed to mean!! I am sounding like those nose shrinking, duck faced, hands in the air while talking critics type but seriously somebody explain me this.. Please!!

Nevertheless.. No more fun making of hardworking and multi-talented people.. let their dreams takes flight in the air.. And let me write something meaningful for today. So what will happen when the world is once again back to the ‘old’ normal but with an upside-down change? Say for example.. No rush for catching a bus or train or metro.. because it will be all work from home? Inside the comfort of your own air-conditioned zone and on the comfort of your bouncing sofa-bed? No schools to go to, as all classes will be online in-front of father’s or mother’s laptop… Ooo no, in that case schools will have their own brand of laptops available and to be bought from the school’s store only! How great will that be if the world is bottled inside the houses!! Let’s see:

  1. Travel time to-fro office is completely saved, energy saved, time saved, no formal wear!!
  2. Transportation cost saved, keep them saved for an entire week and on the weekend it will be #pawryyy time!!
  3. Online shops open 24/7, the delivery boys (they can’t even take the Sundays off, not even if there’s a stomach upset!!) will keep a track on your delivery. No worries at all..
  4. And.. this should be the démarche to protect the environment and the ice-bergs from pollution. I guess Greta Thunberg is waiving both her thumbs up in the air!!
BlogchatterA2Z 2021, Theme: Un-Travel

Or maybe NOT!! That’s not the world we want. Going to schools and offices (even in a rush) is important, that’s when the housewives or the home- makers get some peace of mind which is the ultimate requirement for any family to be Happy. We all should move out of our comfort space even if it’s the rooftop of your apartment! But meeting people, sharing few words with them, inhaling some pollution won’t do any harm; we are quite immune to that. Our environment, this world is ever changing, we have to keep it clean and make it a better place for the gen X2, 3 or 11.O, but let’s not stop ourselves from having our moments. And every moment can’t be inside this neatly painted and daily vacuumed walls, there’s more waiting for you out there.. Hey!! Not now.. No No.. Don’t just run bare footed with those shaggy double sized t-shirt of yours.. I said once all this is OVER.. for now mask up!!

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