And Things are (N)Ever the same again..

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 “How are things there??”

“What thing!!!” Really what what thing!!

Before that.. using some trending # to give you a ‘#SpoilerAlert’!!!

My brain cells say this one is going to be a heck of ‘mordant’, ‘ungracious’ and for me rough truth… ** By which it is also proven that I am all frustrated with my slow and not so steady life at the moment.. but let’s just carry on with this post anyway.. Are you still there!!

So more than a year ago.. some manmade or malfunctioned in some unknown distant science lab or a part of the still old school animal kind disgusted with their high definition evolved version of lot more ahead of time parceners or something unknown but similar reason, some heavy weight sub-microscopic infectious agent got launched into the air and that’s it.. the deadly game began.. nature’s strength vs. intelligence of mankind.. Aur kya.. nature knew her battle plan from the beginning, went straightaway for guerrilla warfare..

And it was a teeth clenching match.. nature knows her den like no one else.. so it was a flight on their favour at the very beginning.. more and more people getting infected.. then more and more cities getting infected.. then more and more countries getting infected.. all out of control.. human kind doesn’t know what to do.. which defend force to apply, how to stop this alien enemy, how to protect their own people. Hundreds of people disappearing from this small round world every day, the number grew to thousand, then lakh.. no can’ get there now… finally for a brief period of time (it wasn’t that brief though) till a weapon is ready, human kind decided to go for stalemate.

And that was.. all world netizens would remain in their respective houses until further notice.. the world went shut in their small nest, no meeting with anyone apart from the members of their own house.. no meeting with friends, family, folks.. no fun out of the house.. no touching, no shake of hands, no talking to anyone without a safe distance of 2 meters measuring with a scale and most importantly covering your nose, mouth while stepping out.. you know this all..


Now what caught my eyes or what got more allergic to my eyes was.. people just started rushing on their highly followed, liked-loved-cared, shared at times as well on the social media page as that has been the only mode of connection to the world. Limelight was the need of the moment.. not all of a sudden but more than usual.

‘This is the time to spend some time with your loved ones’.. ‘have you noticed.. how many starts are there in the sky!’.. ‘Less pollution everywhere’.. ‘work on yourself, your well being.. spiritual being’ and lot more.. my point is everyone had all the time on earth, mars, Saturn to become a free, anytime available motivational, spiritual or whatever-you-need-I-will-be-that speaker… (This is just abominable, simply unacceptable.. BUT what to do.. this is so much me, such sharp tongued!!).. I mean what’s the need? Rather than sounding so wholesale, why not utilize that time on something really productive by yourself. Sounds like I am also one of them!!

OK.. let’s go back to the beginning.. During the pandemic.. one question was very common.. How are things there? Even I fall in that common category.. I have to check no.. who all are in the same or worse situation than ours? That is called updating the general knowledge! So, peeps call me from outside (mostly domestic but I also have some hold on international market as well.. yes yes..) and ask ‘How are things in Kolkata?’ and the conversation move as below:

‘What thing?’

‘I mean how is the situation there?’

‘Oo like that.. nothing, it’s all good, like okay..’

‘No restriction at all?’

‘Restriction.. yes there is  depending on an individual.. If you wish to follow anything by yourself then you can.’

!!! ‘Arree baba.. numbers are increasing all across the nation, how about Bengal?’

‘Oo.. yes yes.. such a grave situation.. again numbers are increasing everywhere like anything, but we are good. Things are just fine here.’

‘Everything is normal? I mean there are no cases at all?’

‘Cases you ask? Aaa, may be.. Covid cases aren’t that of a news here yet. You know what, once you step out of the house, things are normal.. like there was no lockdown yesterday or few months before? No masks to be seen or may be just a handful to wear one, though God knows for what!’

‘What are you saying?!!!’

‘Listen no.. So outside, everything is normal, but once you switch the tv on.. it’s a mess everywhere! Tragedy, fear, wariness.. but then.. you know everywhere things are just the same, otherwise how numbers aren’t in control?’

Flabbergasted they become with such comments! Clueless as to what to say next.. they take the easier way.. they change the topic…

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