E-Book Release- On The Way.. They Gave a Hand

And I am excited, I am beatific but I am way too hysterical since morning.. It’s time to tell you that it’s very much alive now.. My E-BOOK has released today and out there standing straight, bright and big at the palace court of #Blogchatter.

It was so difficult to get a sound sleep last night, I lost my balance twice while doing Adho mukha svanasana in the morning, my breakfast was as dull as bread-butter-banana, but still I didn’t have the courage to switch the internet on and give a peek on ‘what’s happening on Twitter!’

Author creative by @Blogchatter

Punching my anxieties with all force but without-having-an-egg, I dived into the real world and it was haywire.. There were pings and pings and pings on the notification bar and people ushering with heart-melting messages, congratulating me… Which is making me intensely eager and I need more and more sunshine..

And it’s just the first day or just few hours!! And now for all these, I am superfluously hopeful and awaiting for you to download a copy of my e-book and share a feedback once you are done reading it.

In person I am quite an introvert, but I love meeting new people when I am travelling to distant lands. This book is inspired by the people I met during my journeys so far and on my sweet-salty & umami experience with them.

My book is available to download on Blogchatter’s website for free, and please leave your honest opinion @Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter tagging me. I am also sharing the Blurb of the book for you.

*** Click here to download the book.

It’s Showtime and It’s only achievable with you …

Anxiously Sanguine,

Turtle aka Payel

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