A Quick Arrangement

Does travel plan go wrong at times? Well it can’t be never! Even after checking all information, gallery, real time reviews and ratings, have you faced your chosen stay not to be up to That mark? I don’t want to get into the count for myself. Something exactly had happened at Munroe Island, and having just few more days left for my paid leaves, my greed to spend happier moments were overpowering my agonizing perturbation.

Going back to the what-might-have-happened; by the time I reached the home-stay at Munroe Island, it was 9:15 at night and I was ravenous. The lady of the house took me to the dinner table straight away, I’m sure my wan face was yowling for some warm food. The simple dal, roti, thick pearl rice, bananas brought some colour back in me. After this, it was time to see the room. We went upstairs to the room, the house owner was explaining what is where, what to do, where I get what but I was hardly paying any attention. This wasn’t what I booked for myself. The room wasn’t.. let’s just say not properly cleaned. Only the bed-sheet looked somewhat fresh, the basic amenities were 80s made and left there untouched. I am a stage one obsessive-compulsive disorder sufferer and have remained in that same position without any fluctuation so ever, so this sort of scruffy, unkempt place would make me mad sad. Mad first, then badly sad.

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I reached this place after so much of trouble and there won’t be a peaceful night’s sleep to see another fresh green day? ‘I am not staying here, I can’t stay here at alllll!’  The owner was to take us to a village temple to see a midnight puja and after that I had to find an option. We came back after midnight, everybody went to bed straight away, I had to take a shower to get fresh. I carried my towel at one shoulder, my night dress at the other, a tube of face-wash in one hand and I was ready to take the swashing cold shower. I moved the handle of the faucet to the right, more to the right but nothing, then I tried the sink tap, again nothing. There was no water in the house tank. 1 in the morning, the whole house was a dead zone, and I was strutting around for some water to freshen up and I also drank plenty of water at dinner, so to flush that off I would need  more water?!

I opened my laptop to look for some nearby stay. The ones in my budget didn’t look any better and the better ones were nowhere close to my budget. Holy moly!! I had one last option in hand, I dropped a message and tried to sleep for a while.

I slept hardly for two hours, it was getting grey, I checked my phone immediately, there was an unread message flashing on my phone screen..

‘Hi Payel, I will have a check out today, but the room won’t be available until 2 p.m. if you are ok with it, you are most welcome.’

I could even wait till 3 if given a choice..

‘I will be there by 12 max, and won’t mind waiting till the room is getting ready.’

It was 6 in the morning, I woke up, the water was still resting somewhere out of reach for the nozzle. I had to wait till I could brush my teeth and drain the excessive unwanted water from my system. The man of the house had gone missing at 7 in the morning, and the lady was yet to complete her beauty sleep. Finally by 7:45 the almighty showed some mercy and I got ready to leave, still no sign of the man of the house and the lady still sleeping at the dining room.

With no other option in hand, I woke the lady up and announced by departure, she called the man of the house back from wherever he was at that time. Utterly surprised at this decision but no way to convince me, I moved ahead towards freedom.

It was a thousand breaths’ relief when I was waiting for my train at the station. Upset at this abrupt decision of leaving such a woody heaven, I promised myself to come back here soon, but for now I had to escape for some ardent solace.

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It was a moss green two-storey small house just like the picture. I was about to knock the door, a lean, long beard, middle-aged smiling face came out.


I didn’t mention. After Munroe Island my next destination was Varkala, my stay was pre-booked, and the host of this moss green house was my ‘last option’ who responded to my message in the morning.  

‘Yes that’s me. Sorry for the last moment trouble.’

‘There’s no trouble at all. Welcome to the house. You look very tired.’

After hopping on buses after buses I reached a place, then all I got was a tousled room, I didn’t get my night bath followed by a peaceful night’s sleep, how better can I look!!

‘Yes, that’s the reason I came running here so that I can look my usual!’

‘Where are you coming from?’

‘At the moment form Munroe Island.’

‘And you didn’t like the place?’

‘I didn’t like the home-stay.’

‘You are ok?’

‘Yes, Yes, it’s just that I had issue with cleanliness, the place wasn’t quite well maintained.’

‘I see. Your room will be ready in an hour’s time, will you wait here?’

‘No I think I would like to go for a walk to the beach and get some food, I’m famished.’

‘Ok I will help you with the way to the beach, it’s just 5 minutes walk from here, and there are plenty of good restaurants on the way, by the beach.’

‘Yes, I know, I have been here before.’

‘Oo, when did you come here last time?’

‘About five years back.’

‘Oo. So you have been to other places in Kerala?’

‘Yes, I’m actually almost at the last stretch of my holiday.’

‘I wish you a good stay here.’

‘Thank you, Varkala is one of my favourite places in Kerala. Um, can you please make sure the room allotted to me is neat and clean? At the moment I’m all groggy about this one thing!’

‘I understand. Don’t worry it will be sparkling clean. By the time you come from the beach I may not be in the house, so I will help you with the house rules now?’


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