Travel guide to Pushkar on a Budget- @ Rajasthan Tour

After Ajmer Sharif, the journey to Pushkar takes another 1-1:30 hours. For sure the entire days strenuous touring, needs for some comfort food and a soft and cleanly done bed.

Pushkar is a small town in Rajasthan, very famous for its 1 week long yearly camel fair. A huge sand clad fair ground gets alive during the fair season, otherwise looks like a deserted stadium for rest of the year. Now-a-days camel ride or camel cart rides are widely available here as well just like Jaisalmer, only I doubt about the evening dance show. Apart from this, the prior attraction is Lake Pushkar after which the town has been named.

Places to Visit in Pushkar:

Lake Pushkar:

From Pushkar fairground to Lake Pushkar is about 10 minutes walk; it has to be a walk as the wide lanes cannot allow lines of cars inside. There are some interesting stories as to how these lakes emerged and why they are considered so holy among the locals. There are also Lord Brahma Temple, Savitri mata Temple across the lake and there are guides who explain the stories to the tourists.

Mind you, a dip in the water takes off all sins of the person! You may give it a try but there isn’t any formula to know whether ‘all” your sins are gone, if any! However during summer the dip in the water will be very comforting, but winters are really cold, hence you need a Rhino’s heart!

But on an honest note, the view is very beautiful, worth spending some time sitting by the lake.

There are few other temples around within walking distance. An early morning tour of Pushkar before the sun is generous in ushering his hotness, will be a good idea, as mostly one has to walk across the place to see the temples.

Stay at Pushkar: One night stay in quite sufficient in Pushkar, until it’s during the famous Pushkar fair.

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