Stopping at Chittorgarh And Ajmer Sharif en route to Pushkar- My Budget Travel Plan to Rajasthan

On the way to Pushkar from Udaipur, there are two places to stop by, and both are quite a distance away from each other. So in order to cover both in one day, you have to start earlier than usual in the morning, 7 am will be a good choice. Undeniably it’s going to be a by default tiring day , but it’s no loss.

Once started the engine, the first stop would be Chittorgarh, which is about 2 hours distance from Udaipur, unless you are taking a small break for the first major meal of the day which is also quite important.


Chittorgarh Fort or the fort of Chittaur beholds the true story of Women empowerment with pride for centuries now. Formerly the capital of Mewar under the rule of Rajputs, the fort is one of the biggest fort in India. History says, when Sultan Alauddin of Khalji Sultanate invaded #Chittaur to fulfil his yearning to possess the charismatic Queen Padmini, the king of #Chittaur, Maharwal Ratan Singh fought till his last breath to protect the honour of his queen and the matrons of his kingdom. However after his death Queen Padmini along with her 60000 women in court, committed Jauhar, they sacrificed themselves in the huge hearth of fire.

Coming back to the tour of the fort, at present its divided into some parts, the summer palace, winter palace, the place where Jauhar took place (though the fireplace has been covered for safety reasons at present), temple area, the place for royal entertainment etc. the entire tour takes about an hour and little more. Assistance of guide is must here, this fort has one of the major and eminent place in Indian history and this fort is one of the important attraction of Rajasthan tour. So don’t miss it!

Entrance fees: INR 10.00 per person for Indians.

Ajmer Sharif:

The journey from Chittorgarh to Ajmer Sharif is quite long, we started for Ajmer Sharif post lunch, at about 2:30 pm, once we reached Ajmer Sharif, it was about 7:30 in the evening. The car/ coach is parked at a certain place (if it’s a coach its needs to be parked at the bus stand and from there one has to take Auto-rickhsaw), from where one has to walk about 10 minutes, which is not at all a boring walk because you need to be very attentive as you will be walking on a crowded market area, with so many colourful shops blending with the street lights, smell of fresh Nankhatais (local cookies), shops of Ittar (essential oils) and so many things. After a straight 10 minutes walk (of course your eyes are moving to your right & left to those shops holding your belongings very tight!) the huge, tall and shining Ajmer sharif will be standing in front of you. Please collect some offering from the nearby shops and leave you shoes there. The Mosque is grand, gleaming and grizzled white. The shrine is always overfilled with devotees. It takes about 40 minutes to complete the offering and take a tour of the place. (No photography allowed inside the mosque)

Note: no entry fee required here, however proper attire is recommended while going inside a mosque.

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