Royals and their Royalty- My #Rajasthan Travel Plan on a Budget- Planning Itinerary

Just like the vast dry land, the stories of this ancient province are also stretched along the horizon; there is a reason that the sun blazes like a flame here, because the forts are still standing high with pride like a resilient warrior, bearing the battle scars on its rock stone walls, the saga still continues, so much is talked about the valiantness, and much is still untold may be.. For me it’s still the bewildering land of well-kept secrecy veiled under the imperial royalty (or may be my partial preference for mystery is talking..), this is the land of royalty well preserved, Rajasthan.

Best time to visit Rajasthan:

The roasting dry summer of this region won’t be enjoyable at all; the best time to visit Rajasthan is October till March (though March will also be quite tough). The winter mornings are soothing warm where as the evenings can be quite chilling. As per me, end Nov and early December is really a suitable time to visit Rajasthan in terms of weather.

Best places to visit in Rajasthan for the very first visit:

The cities chosen during my trip to Rajasthan were the ‘must’ visits for first time visitors and below is the order of cities kept in the itinerary for the Rajasthan trip:




Mt Abu

Brief stop at Haldighati


Quick stop at Chittorgarh & Ajmer



Travel tips to Rajasthan for Budget Travellers:

Travelling around Rajasthan:

It’s better to get a private car to travel between cities, in that way one can easily cover the places en route. And for sightseeing, especially for budget travellers, local transport will be a good option, but remember they are not always allowed inside the parking area of a fort/ palace hence it will be some extra meters walk before the hour long tours of the famous establishments, but hey!! that’s not discouraging, it’s just keeping you prepared to carry some more water, dry foods etc. Also, if the pocket is not too shrinking, you may also opt for a private car.

More Rajasthan Travel tips:

  1. Most of the forts/ Palaces have entry fees to be paid. Hence keep a budget aside for it, it’s important. Rajasthan is all about humongous palaces and their history, so skipping a visit won’t be a good decision.
  2. Audio guide available in most of the forts/ palaces
  3. Very important to take a guide/audio guide service in all the palaces/ forts, otherwise the tour will be half done, and you won’t understand anything about the history.
  4. One has to give at least 1-2 hours in each palace/fort; you can’t rush until you are on a relay race which doesn’t serve the purpose of a trip to Rajasthan. SLOW DOWN when in Rajasthan.
  5. Do try Rajasthani cuisine at least once, its little spicy, but it can be tried at least for once or You try the desserts.
  6. What is really appreciating is that the state government is putting a lot of effort to preserve the antiquities & the history of Rajasthan. And I would like to come back here once again after 5-6 years to see a different Rajasthan, lot more majestic even than today may be.

Total Duration of a Tour to Rajasthan

The more you can give the better.. Rajasthan is really vast, I could only manage few finger full that too I can visit these places for another time. So a minimum 2 weeks time to cover the main places, and if you want to little more then adding another or two extra weeks will be good.

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