Jaipur Travel Guide on a Budget- @ Rajasthan Tour

The travel distance between Pushkar to Jaipur is about 3 hours by road. Jaipur, also named the Pink city, is the capital city of Rajasthan and the busiest city of this state. Even a must visit city for many first timers to Rajasthan, especially who come for the golden triangle trip (Delhi-Agra- Jaipur) to get a hint of Royal Indian culture. But let me be very clear that an only visit to Jaipur cannot be enough to get the flavour of this vivacious state in India. Jaipur can be a tiddly glimpse of the saga which can be to- some- extent the brief trailer and this I am saying after a long 10-12 days tour of the state (even this 12 days were very less to see the majors)

Places to visit in Jaipur, Rajasthan:

Amer fort:

Amer or Amber fort was built by Raja Manh Singh I, who was one of the Navaratnas in the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Built up on the hills of Aravalli, this place claims an extensive land; that time forts themselves, used to be the main towns where inside these boundaries most of the residents used to live. The entire tour of this place takes about 2 hours or more. There is also a light and sound show available in the evening.

Apart from shopping at the shops inside, even taking a snack break by the cafe inside the fort is not a bad idea at all.

** Entry fees INR 25 pp for Indians, INR 200 for foreign tourists

City Palace Jaipur:

The City Palace of Jaipur seems to be a simple collection yet the fine touch of hands on the walls, pillars and ceilings, which is immensely ingenious. With so many wide courtyards around the palace the tour to this mansion on a lazy afternoon is mesmerizing. At least 90 minutes required to see this palace, there is also another part of it, which is called Chandra Mahal (with separate entry ticket) can be visited if time permits (which will be another 90 minutes minimum)

Entry fees: INR 190 pp for Indians, INR 500 pp for foreign tourists for City Palace Jaipur. Audio guide available inside.

Jantar Mantar:

After a numerous, awestruck palace visit Jantar Mantar gives a different edge to the 18th Century’s Rajasthan history. Rajputs were not only brave warriors, they were great scholars, and brilliant acumens. Jantar Mantar  used to be the scientifically physical projection of astronomy at that time, and trust me when I say this; the place is spell bounding not in terms of it’s appearance but understanding wise, it can make anyone speechless. At 18th Century how time used to be calculated considering the position of the Sun, how the location of the Sun and the planets used to be calculated, and accordingly the current status of all the 12 Zodiac signs were considered , all these were no way based on any kind of made up assumptions, but absolute mathematically methodical. A 40 minutes insightful tour (though very difficult to register all at a go) with the guide is highly necessary here, otherwise no way to understand what you have come at Jantar Mantar for.

Note: Entrance INR 10.00 pp for Indians and INR 100 for Foreigners

Hawa Mahal ( the palace of wind):

As Hawa Mahal was part of the last day plan and due to shortage of time I couldn’t see the place from inside, however having an unusual significance in Rajasthan History, because the main reason of this construction was to give a little freedom to the women of the palace, so that they also could enjoy the festivals on the street, and also very interestingly the architecture of the palace was as such that, even in the scorching summer the air inside of the palace will always be windy and comforting.

** Entry fee is about INR 50.00 pp for Indians & INR 200.00 pp for foreign tourists

Birla Mandir Jaipur:

The white marble garden temple of Lord Laxmi and Narayana is one of the comparatively newly built and a famous attraction in #Jaipur. The temple is still under some construction work, and after finishing the sightseeing of #Jaipur some time can be afforded for a visit to this temple.

** No entry ticket required, as it’s hindu temple, proper attire is recommended.

**Stay in Jaipur: 2-3 nights can be easily spent in Jaipur and it won’t be boring at all.

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