Jodhpur Travel guide on a Budget- @ Rajasthan Tour

The road journey from Jaisalmer to Jodhour may take around 6 hours; however this journey can be stretched to an entire day if you want to stop by to some places en route. The list is given below, but before that, I should mention, how are these long and I wish never to end road journeys of Rajasthan from one city to another feels like?

The glazing, polished smooth roads are long, straight and going beyond in between the dijon yellow barren land stretched across both the horizons. At places the dusty land is changing into clay brown, on it dabbed some dark bushy green which haven’t bathed for months. But these half dead land seems suddenly gleeful when a berry blue peacock is spotted or may be a peafowl at times, even it’s excited (but less, when the camera isn’t ready) if one or two or may be a small group of dim yam brown Deer are spotted while the car runs ahead. The highways are mucky graphic and shadowy during sunset. So the point is, this long road journeys in Rajasthan are a very fond part of the entire tour.

Places to Visit in Jodhpur, Rajasthan:

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur:

The palace is as usually grand, with its glorious architectural work with the embellishment of jewels, metals, stones are spell bounding. The territory walls are claiming the land as far as the map could be drawn. There are different segregation inside the palace, like Moti Mahala, Sheesh Mahal, Kuldevi Mandir (temple of the family deity) etc. There is also a museum inside the palace, showcasing the collection of ‘that times’ weapons, palanquins, royal attires, kitchen utensils, ornaments and what not..

Jodhpur is known as the Blue City. It is said that, at old time, if anybody had to look for the house of Brahmins, they had to search every house being clueless, hence the king then, had decided that the houses belonging to the Brahmins (priests), should be painted in Blue, and in that way, anyone looking for a priest, could easily locate the house. And that is the reason of calling this city the Blue City. From the top of  Mehrangarh fort, looking at the blue houses during sunset is like tang fishes are peeping up at the sky.

** Entry ticket: Rs. 60.00 pp for Indians & Rs. 400 pp for foreigners.

>> We stopped at the palace en route to Jodhpur from Jaisalmer. To see the other places in Jodhpur, you can make a fresh start on the next day.

*** Stay in Jodhpur: minimum 2 nights stay is important in Jodhpur.

Mandore Garden, Jodhpur:

Mandore garden in Jodhpur is covering a huge area in the city, and for a change the history of Mandore isn’t connected to Rajputs but way back to the time of Ramayana. It is said that Mandore used to be the capital of Jodhpur in earlier times, however afterwards it was moved to Meherangarh. Talking about the place, after some 10 minutes of leisure walk, with green trees at both the side of the entrance roadway and nothing seems to be significant to capture on the camera, and when you start thinking “is that it!” Within few moments from then, you just want to cease the view. The place looks deserted but the walk among the clump of small-mini- big- very big temple like structures are really tongue tied. The faded red brick buildings and the dusty old toffee brown rocks however are still distinctively charming exposing all their admirers’ love on them. The walk around this place takes at-lest 40-50 minutes.

After the self-help tour of this forlorn garden, there is a huge temple inside the premises and another museum (which has entrance fees to pay for) and the entire tour around this place takes more than 1.5 hours and it’s worth a visit. Doesn’t matter one is inclined to history or not, the old time sight, the very clean cut yet intricate beauty of the place and the photogenic site is beyond words. Early morning visit (post 8 am) is better to avoid crowd.

>> NO entry fee for the garden. An early morning visit is the best time for this place.

Umaid Bhawan Palace- Jodhpur Palace:

Apart from being called the Blue city, I found various colour palate of golden-browns here in Jodhpur, The Umaid Bhavan palace is no insignificant to it. The well polished creamy- caramel building is the perfectionist’s crown. Just like other Rajasthani palaces, this palace, too is divided into 3 parts. One part is residential to the royal family, second a heritage hotel, managed by Taj and the last is allowed to regular tourists like me, for an hour long visit (this is the minimum time you need to spend here). Quite usually this palace was built on an enormous land, with garden surrounding it, the art, decoration, use of more shiny gold & precious gems on the walls complementing the hokey pokey walls, the well preserved collection of hand made furniture, everything is so regal; even showcasing the vintage cars in rows is sheer aristocracy, not to mention all of these Vintage cars are still well kept like “just bought yesterday type” and in good condition and still accessible only by the owners though..

>> Entry ticket for Indian INR 15.00 per person & INR 50.00 for per foreigner.

Travelling around in Jodhpur:

When on budget, use the public transport and your walking skills, even you can take Auto rickshaws/ Tuk Tuks, they are are fun, airy and good to your wallets. Be comfy, sneaker ready when in Rajasthan.

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