Jodhpur Travel guide on a Budget- @ Rajasthan Tour

The road journey from Jaisalmer to Jodhour may take around 6 hours; however this journey can be stretched to an entire day if you want to stop by to some places en route. The list is given below, but before that, I should mention, how are these long and I wish never to end road journeys of Rajasthan from one city to another feels like?

The glazing, polished smooth roads are long, straight and going beyond in between the dijon yellow barren land stretched across both the horizons. At places the dusty land is changing into clay brown, on it dabbed some dark bushy green which haven’t bathed for months. But these half dead land seems suddenly gleeful when a berry blue peacock is spotted or may be a peafowl at times, even it’s excited (but less, when the camera isn’t ready) if one or two or may be a small group of dim yam brown Deer are spotted while the car runs ahead. The highways are mucky graphic and shadowy during sunset. So the point is, this long road journeys in Rajasthan are a very fond part of the entire tour.

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