My Journey to the Land of Fairy- tales- One Full Day at Louvre Museum, Paris

** Tour to Louvre Museum, Paris & an Evening cruise to the Seine River **

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My Journey to the Land of Fairy- tales- Eiffel Tower Visit, Paris

No matter how much people say that Paris is touristy; Eiffel Tower, though an age-long historic engineering, it is always over-crowded or what so ever.. a onetime visit has to be made to this world-famous long lattice construction, while in Paris; otherwise how will you appreciate the city!! Paris is an ornate metro city, there is the old medieval look at one part of the city, and then there is another modern side which is coming up with new construction plans, and getting a view of them from one frame.. why miss the chance?

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My Journey to the land of Fairy-tales – A day visit to #Brussels

The City of Brussels is simply blissful. Though my stay in the city was only for few hours (I know it’s an injustice to my travel plan!!), the feeling was cheerful as the city is so high on spirit. Belgium, as a country looks like size ‘0’ on the entire Europe map but Hey.. Don’t underestimate by choosing your stay short here.  There are lots to see and plenty to enjoy in this country. This time it’s only Brussels that I could manage, but as I said the city doesn’t disappoint. Start right after your breakfast; glowing in the soft sunlight to stretching in the lazy late afternoon, it’s an exuberant city which will keep you engaged.

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My Journey to the land of Fairy-tales – #Netherlands – #Amsterdam

When wodge of gambrel roofs are standing tall, where dinghies or pontoons are yawing front and back, and if hordes of cycles are parked in a line, that means you have entered in Netherlands.

Netherlands, a country at the north-west of Europe, is a paragon of eco- friendliness. As the Dutch are obsessed with their pollution free environment and by-cycles; the roads of the country has dedicated lanes for cycles where every now and then, clinking bells with two thin rolling wheels are passing by in singular or bunches in number.

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My Journey to the land of Fairy-tales – #Netherlands – #Amsterdam-Centraal / #Dam-Square

Dam Square is the central point of Amsterdam city. An always gleaming city-centre this is. Cycles are more in number in this city than buses or cars, but the spotlight is saved for the trams, I loved those long multiple coached light rails, scurrying across the city. Restaurants are queued across the pavements one after another and so are the feeders.

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