My Journey to the land of Fairy-tales – A day visit to #Brussels

The City of Brussels is simply blissful. Though my stay in the city was only for few hours (I know it’s an injustice to my travel plan!!), the feeling was cheerful as the city is so high on spirit. Belgium, as a country looks like size ‘0’ on the entire Europe map but Hey.. Don’t underestimate by choosing your stay short here.  There are lots to see and plenty to enjoy in this country. This time it’s only Brussels that I could manage, but as I said the city doesn’t disappoint. Start right after your breakfast; glowing in the soft sunlight to stretching in the lazy late afternoon, it’s an exuberant city which will keep you engaged.


Belgium is a magical bliss, a 3 to 4 nights’ stay won’t be a bad decision at all.

Getting around Brussels:

The city well connected by Bus/ Train with rest of Europe. Also, Brussels has it’s own International airport.

Apart from taking local transport to roam around the city, you make consider the Hop on hop off buses for the sightseeing.

Best things to see in Brussels:

As I said, though small, the city doesn’t disappoint. Brussels is a city for devil’s sweet sin, find your graceful while shopping around and if you are thirsty, you don’t buy water here!!


An old built geometric landmark of Brussels and still shining it’s metallic silver! This building was built for the World Expo Brussels, at present it’s turned to a museum and this landmark also symbolizes the country Belgium at present.. This is one of the popular tourist attraction in Brussels today. From a distance, it looks like a hexagon architecture where the joints are connected by huge spheres, however the closer you go the look changes and get more interesting. The metallic shine is magnetic and it’s so photogenic. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to go inside the museum and spend more time here, but surely an hour long visit is much required here and it’s a must visit.

Brussels Central Square:

I can vouch that you will be the happiest when you are on foot in Europe. The roads have some stories to tell; rustic, modern, chic, accolades and what not! 

Brussels Central Square during season time or on holidays or on a clear warm weather may seem a bit congested but you can’t help it. Brussels is very colourful, the heritage buildings are well maintained antiques and still has that original look, and then the surrounding shops/ restaurants, are perfectly blended with that old look yet they have a dash of vogue sprinkled on them. Does that sound interesting to you!

The Market square or central square area of Brussels is surrounded with almost similar patterned heritage buildings. And most of these buildings are converted into public or private offices. This area is very photogenic and truly the focus of the city.

Manneken Piss:

And a visit to #Brussels is just not done if not seen this statue.  The statue is basically of a tiny little boy widdling at a corner of the street!!

There are loads of funny stories roaming around for years on this statue; this one is mostly for the tourists. Long back, there was a rich merchant who visited the city Brussels with his family, while all of a sudden his little son went missing. Worried, the merchant then sent for a search party where the locals involved themselves to help them. Later the small boy was found in a small garden urinating there. On this account, the merchant built this statue to offer his respect and appreciation for the citizens. No one knows the exact truth though, however many says it symbolizes the great sense of humour of the people of Brussels. No doubt on that I guess!!!

Belgian Chocolate:

Coming to my kind of interest now!! When You are in Belgium, don’t forget that ‘Belgian Chocolate’ is world famous. Look around, and I’m sure you are slobbering as it’s difficult to keep yourself affixed!! There are ample of shops selling Belgian chocolates, walk and look around, there are many gourmet shops available and buy what suits you the most.

Shop as many chocolates as you can carry. It’s heavenly chocolaty!

Belgian Waffle:

Attention here now!! Don’t just wrap your tour after chocolate. Belgium is equally popular for its sweet crispy sin, which is #Waffle. Colourful, flavoursome and moreish, one waffle can compensate all your worries!! Chose your favourite and indulge!!

And I shouldn’t forget to mention, Belgium is equally famous for its Beer, hence indulge yourself in the varied option and get spoilt for sometime.

If tired, take one of this horse cart ride & feel like a royal for a while may be!

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