My #Hyderabad Travel Guide- Travel Tips for Hyderabad

Old city, Tech city, #Hyderabad is diverse in nature and my travel experience in the city has been nice and warm !! Here are few travel tips for you:

Where to stay in Hyderabad:

Hyderabad and Secunderabad are twin cities, so if staying is concerned any of the two  can be considered, because all the attractions are spread across the city, so if some are close to Secunderabad, others are easily accessible from Hyderabad or some are same distance away from both the places. I had chosen Hyderabad for my first visit.

Duration of stay in Hyderabad:

Hyderabad is quite rich as a city, and there are so many attractions for people of different interest. One week can easily be spent in Hydarabad exploring various parts of the city.

Travelling around Hyderabad City:

Public Transport is well available across the city. I preferred taking auto-rikshaw everywhere I used to go, as they are pocket friendly and fun to travel.

Apart from that private cars/ Uber are other available options.

Food in Hyderabad:

Hyderabadi cuisine is rich with spices and varied in terms of options. However when I say ‘rich with spices’, it’s not that hot and spicy to burn your taste buds, the flavours of the spices are oozing in the food, and one can savour the proper use of spices in the food which makes it rich in taste.

Hyderabadi Biriyani & Mughlai food: Paradise restaurant is one of the oldest restaurant in Hyderabad and they serve fantastic Biriyanai, tandoor items. One has to try their food, it’s unbeatable.

Even if someone isn’t a meat eater, Veg Hyderabadi biriyani is nowhere less, Biriyani is a delicacy here, and there’s various spread of Biriyanis available in Hyderabad, which should not be given a miss.  

During Ramzan or Ramadan, many restaurants even prepare a thick meat stew which is called ‘Halim’ and that is sinfully salivating.

Even there are pure veg restaurants to try typical veg Hyderabadi food, even Veg Biriyani with Raita (salsa made of curd and spices) is no less than lamb or chicken Biriyani.

Karachi Bakery: An old bakery famous for its Naan Khatai (mushy, crispy coockies), and they are perfect for gifts to relatives and friends and for yourself most importantly for your Hyderabad memories. There are plenty of flavours available in Naan Khatais, plus they have other snack items available. They have many stores available across the city, so don’t miss a visit.

Gokul Chaat: This place is the best for evening cravings. Dahi Vada/ Papdi chat/ Kufi/ Lassi and so many things, they are heart melting. The Kulfi is a must try.

Travel Tips for Hyderabad:

  1. Hyderabad is very easy to go, on your own
  2. There are city tours available, but I will suggest to break the number of attractions with the number of days, then go slow and enjoy the vast variety of sightseeing thoroughly and in slow pace.
  3. Locating the places on Map is easy, hence easy to plan every day itinerary. Some suggestions are shared on my last post.
  4. Hyderbad is foodies paradise, keep gorging between sightseeing
  5. Travelling by public transport, especially Auto-rikshaws are easy
  6. Uber/ App Cabs are well available to connect across the city as well

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