My #Hyderabad Travel Guide- It’s easy to spend a week in Hyderabad

Hyderabad and Secunderabad, two twin cities residing in parallel to each other, while one is carrying it’s history and long built landmarks, the other is evolving in technology. When Hyderabad is a combination of heritage and charm, Secunderabad is more of contemporary.  I will be sharing my travel pointers with you of this city.

Places to see:

Birla Temple:

This temple is best to visit during early evening when the sun is mellow. The temple is built on a hilly ground, quite big to stroll leisurely or spend some time in quietude.

** No entry fees required

** 30-40 min required

Snow world:

Summer in Hyderabad is quite humid and burning, #SnowWorld amusement park is a temporary escape from the heat. Gear up (heavy winter cover ups are provided on place and it’s a must) and dive in to the chilled snowy room. You are allowed only one hour inside, so make the most of it, have fun, glide down and lots of memories to make (funny ones specifically).

With Snow world various combination tickets are available here. As there are other amusing things as well, like the mirror house, scary rain forest and the halloweeny haunted house. Better to have a good 2-3 hours time in hand and enjoy this place completely. Even in between one can enjoy scoops of ice cream, chaats at the stalls inside.

** Entry ticket required: There are different entry tickets available depending on the combinations


Another option to thumb down the sun and enjoy the day in splashes of water, also indulge in spicy junk food in between or after enjoying the water rides. A spacious water park in the city of Hyderabad, great option to chill in heat; even if one doesn’t want to get wet dipping in the water, still this place is cool to enjoy.

** Entry ticket required

*** Better to do Snow world and JalVihar in one day***

ISKCON Temple:

The ISKCON temple in Hyderabad is quite small yet very beautiful, usually weekends and during occasions the temple is packed with locals. They also have a restaurant in the premises, the bhog is must to try.

Salar Jung museum:

One of the famous landmark of Hyderabad and a sequential collection of Andhra history, this hugely talked about museum is a must visit while in the city. Mostly consisting of royal family collection, be it furniture, ceramics, paintings, imports from foreign countries by the then rulers etc. Currently the museum is under the supervision of a trustee board in collaboration with the Telengana Government. The tour of this entire museum takes about 1.5 hour to 2 hours, and at the end, it’s an experience. SO go slow here, don’t rush.

** Photography allowed inside. No Flash Photography though.

** Entry ticket required


The iconic monument signifies the city of Hyderabad and of course a must visit for the first timers. ‘Char’ meaning four and ‘minar’ meaning the pillar, the monuments was named after these four pillars or minarets. There is a mosque at the second floor of the monument, however tourists are only allowed till the first floor.

The area adjacent to this landmark is a bit congested, and there are quite a few local shops available, however a quick visit should do the purpose.

** No entry required

Jamia Masjid:

One of the biggest and famous mosque of this region, however due to improper dress code (as this visit wasn’t planned) I couldn’t visit the place from inside.

Chowmahalla Palace:

Mostly known as the Nizam’s palace, Chowmahalla means four palaces. A part of it still reserved for the royal family, and rest of the palace is converted into a museum for tourists. Built on a huge estate this palace has lot of mughal and Persian influence in it’s architect. The use of colour, stones, and gems make this royal mansion as elegant as a beautiful queen.

The entire tour of this place takes about an hour; one of the best part of the tour is the collection of vintage cars lined across the porch.

** Entry ticket required and photography only allowed if paid additionally.

*** Note: Charminar & Chowmahalla Palace are in the same route, hence can be done in the same day***.

Golkonda Fort:

An once upon a time capital city of Persian muslims, Golkonda Fort is a 16th century city and a fortress built on granite hills. There are four separate district forts inside; the entire place is spread across miles. The entire places is divided in various segments, royal court, apartments, temple, mosque, stables and many more. The entire fort was built with proper engineering techniques; also another best part is the view point up from the hill.

**The entire tour of the place takes about an hour or more.

 ** entry ticket required

NTR Garden:

A very good choice to spend a leisurely evening here. A landscape like park having the ‘Alice in wonderland’ feel, a short ride on toy train, A gyro tower/ rainbow ride and quite more to keep your mind or your little pumpkin playfully involved. Starting the tour of the park should be with the toy train ride,  and followed by trying the exciting easy rides or just sitting on the grass!

Husaain Sagar Lake & Lumbini Park:

NTR Garden is close to Hussain Sagar lake, hence visiting both the places together is a good option. The area across the lake, which is called Lumbini Park, is very leisurely; hence spend the evening walking, chit-chatting, and munching with loved ones. There are evening laser shows available, but the most important interest is the boat ride to the statue of Gautam Buddha in the middle of the lake, after sunset. The Boat gives about 30-40 minutes waiting time to inhale the strong cool breeze and spend your own time, later the same boat brings the passengers back to the main land.


Ramoji Film City

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