A Day in #Ramoji Film City- My #Hyderabad Travel Guide

An experience of a life time for one day and it remains in the heart till life. Ramoji Film city is no less than an amusement park with lots of surprise elements in every corner of this dramatic place. Built on an humongous extensive hilly land, this place is full of excitement and still growing it’s new wonder. Ramoji is actually a shooting place, where many prestigious movies are shot every now and then, however the place is also open to general public/ tourists to enjoy this amazing wonderland. Apart from getting to see how films are shot, created, edited, or how film sets look like etc; before watching the final movie on a theater, there are performances, tours, rides and what not. Just purchase a normal ticket entry ticket (costs appx 1000 INR PP) (** there are two types of tickets available one without guide service and one with guide with higher price), and be on your own. No one can miss anything here as there are assistance all across the place to make sure you don’t miss any tour or any attraction. An entire day of synchronized fun was a very first for me, which wasn’t even thought off.

How to go to Ramoji:

Private cars/ Auto/ Uber are well available to go to Ramoji from Hyderabad or Secunderabad city, which takes little more than an hour to reach. Then there are Buses going to Ramoji from Central Hyderabad city twice daily in the morning. Even the same buses takes you back to the city in the evening as well.

** Better to take those buses/ Auto as they are well available. Going to Ramoji by Uber isn’t a big problem, but in the evening it may be a bit of an issue.

If someone is taking a private car, there is a big parking area to keep the car.

Time to visit Ramoji:

It’s advisable to be there at 10 in morning and enjoy till 5 in evening. Don’t miss the opening & closing ceremonies along with the other wow moments. Basically a full day is to be dedicated to #RamojiFilmCity.

Most loved thing in Ramoji:

Palaces, Turkish style lanes, tribes’ land and what not! This place is full of awe one after the other and there’s hardly any time to review those moments in mind, but at the end of the day everything replays and continues for sometime.

Though everything inside Ramoji is like a modern day fairy land, but I loved the hour long Red Bus tour. An hour long tour to some illustrative film sets, botanical garden, bird park etc. and not to miss the Mahabharata court room.

Also there are some old Hollywood towns, walking across that area was funny, yet everything seems so real.

Stay in Ramoji:

There are 2 properties inside Ramoji to stay (one 4* and one 5*) both taken care by the authority.

Also, staying in the city and coming for a full day tour in Ramoji is mostly what people do.


Restaurants are well available inside Ramoji, so having meals, munchies, chillers in between the exciting tour is no issue at all.

Suggestion for Ramoji Tour:

Make sure your camera has enough battery life for the entire day and enough empty space in the memory card to capture all the frames. One can’t get tired clicking pictures inside Ramoji film city.

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