My Journey to the Land of Fairy-tales- Rhine Falls, Zurich

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At the border of Germany and Switzerland there runs the effusive and fearless beauty with all force.. she is called the Rhine falls. Be it a bright sunny day, cold winter morning or drizzling afternoon, this falls is terrific all the time.. isn’t that obvious!! The fifty meter walk down from the parking area till I went to a closer distance, the view across was overwhelming.

Take a slow walk across the place, or take a tram ride, just watching the foaming water gushing down the rocks, the first impression of Switzerland had been spectacular.

Things to do at Rhine Falls:

Boat ride:

If you want some fresh spritz of the chilled water on you, there is a boat ride available (make sure you have a cover up ready to go close to the falls), which takes you very very close to the falls, and I’m sure it will be amazing.

I am a summer friendly person, and cold-winter weather makes me dormant. It was raining and it was sobbingly a gloomy day while I went to visit the Rhine Falls, so no way I would have taken that boat ride 😦

Wörth Castle:

Write next to the Rhine Falls stands this water castle at a small island. The island is connected by bridge with the main land; hence going close to the castle or going inside doesn’t require any boat ride. There isn’t much of history found of this castle, however at present it is converted into a restaurant.

** This particular attraction is good for a day visit and it’s very close to Zurich and cities/ towns close to Germany and Swiss border.

**Note: Washrooms, restaurants, souvenir shops available for your convenience.

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