My Journey to the Land of Fairy-tales- Switzerland Part II

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In the last post I gave you my travel tips to Switzerland. This Post is about the places I went during my small trip to Switzerland & helping you to build your itinerary. Ready?  

Places I visited in Switzerand:


It’s a quiet town in Switzerland, best thing is a walk in the evening, when the shops are just closed and streets are empty. It’s not creepy, it’s meditative! We actually (it was a trip with family) stayed in Engelberg for 3 nights, and covered the below places.

Mt Titlis: Cable car ride:

After our visit to Rhine falls, we headed straight for Mt. Titlis. You have to come to Engelberg to take your cable car to the top of the mountain. You have to change the cable once; the second cable car drops the tourists at the top. From there one is free to roam around the place, enjoy the chilled icy glacier. There is also an open cable car ride available which is called ice flyer. One should spend an entire day here. There are restaurants available inside and its warm inside to have some hot chocolate and some pastry or French fries. So if you feel very cold outside, come inside the restaurants, have a cup of hot coffee with a slice of chocolate cake and get warm (you may also try full meals, Indian meals are very famous up in the summit) and then back to ice.


The place is opened till 5 pm, everybody inside including the staffs have to take the last cable car to come down as after this the place is open to ghosts! So do enjoy your time here but don’t forget the count of time!

The long cable car ride on a clear weather is a fantastic experience and the view is unforgettable.

** Once again: The Cable car ride to visit Mount Titlis is to be taken from Engelberg. SO wherever you are in Switzerland, you have to reach Engelberg first to take your cable car to Titlis.

A tour of Lucerne:

After Mount Titilis, we headed to Lucerne. One of the majorly visited town in Switzerland. A sparkling, beautiful and gleaming town.. So things to see here are:

Lion Monument: it’s a small photo stop. It’s a rock relief built to commemorate the Swiss guards who were exterminated during French revolution.

Shopping: don’t forget to stop by Lindt Shop to buy chocolates. Its Switzerland—its about chocolates/ Swiss Watches and Swiss knifes!! I am repeating so many times now!

There’s Museums all across this town, but the best thing is walking around the streets, I loved walking across the streets of the town.

Jungfraujoch : by Cog wheel train:

Another full day tour option, this time it’s not by cable car but train.. trains.

So to go to Jungfraujoch, you have to reach Grindlewald Gund first, from there you drop at -> Kleine Scheidegg, then take your train to -> Jungfraujoch.

The best thing in Switzerland especially while travelling by train, you get help. There are staffs always active to help you. And trains are hardly late here, platforms are set for each train, there’s hardly any struggle to take your train.

Coming back to Jungfrau, A full day trip is highly recommended, otherwise it’s not possible to see everything. This place is open from 8am to 4pm.

The train journey is amazing, scenic and to be saved for your #oldtravelmomeries. From Kleine Scheidegg the train stops twice in between, also it gives a 5 minutes photo stop for the passengers. You get to see glaciers from lower level, and its flashing milky white, trust me when I say this. If it’s a bright sunny day, you need to wear sunglasses before stepping out on the glacier.

Also, you have an option to trek up to Jungfraujoch, which may take an hour’s time to trek up. There’s also another option with cable car, which I couldn’t explore.

Up in Jungfraujoch, there is an Ice museum where you get to see various sculptures made of ice and few funny photo corners. There are view points, and freezing ice, many snow rides to enjoy the mountain top more.

When you are exhausted, feed in some warm food. Indian, French, Italian—you get so many options. Before taking the train from Grindelwald, you get a ticket which you need to save till you come back there by the end of the day.

Lindt Chocolate factory Jungfraujoch:

Very very important to remember. You just can’t miss it. It’s a chocolate paradise and you just have to save yourself, your money for this. Start and finish quickly with the chocolate making museum. Then you are inside this huge heaven of a shop full of chocolates that you will want to buy all, so buy as many as chocolate you can carry, it’s a must.

There are souvenir shops available as well, and you can buy gifts, t-shirts etc. from there.

A tour of Interlaken:

Another famous town visited by tourists. A town defining chic, up-market living, strolling is one of the best thing to do here & paragliding too. This is a well decorated town, nothing less than an artists’ imagination. Take a walk, enjoy beautiful gardens, luxury chocolates, Pastries and more ice creams during your slow walk.

Paragliding is very famous here. Then there’s a casino (this is just FIY thing)


Though I had a very small stay in Switzerland, I will ask you to plan at least 7-15 days to know this country better. When I go alone, I will go lot slower in my travel plan next time. I want to see more, live more and experience more of Switzerland.. Amen!

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