My Journey to the Land of Fairy-tales- Switzerland Part I

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Switzerland is truly a dream destination by all means for any traveller. I mean.. modern cities.. gleaming always, immaculate pretty little villages, freshly bathed greenery, Swiss Chalets so evenly built at every side and corner, chocolates.. so many and many of them, ice creams (How can I forget them.. Ohh!), cheese, mountains, snow.. the list is way too long. A small little country on the map of Europe but so extensively diverse and beautiful in every aspect of it’s diversity. I say, you can’t have it all, of this one small little country at one go.. either you have stay for long or if you are someone like me, who has a job to take care off, then forget it, of course.. you and I need to plan revisit after revisit to get all the flavours of this country.

BUT, for now, I am talking about my very first and very pocito visit in Switzerland. I fell in love with the country (I have said that for all the European country I have visited so far or may be every place I go to.. can’t help it actually!), but then everyone falls in love with this country.

Let me start with the Travel tips on Switzerland, then we will move to the itinerary:

Where to stay:


It is said that Switzerland is a country which can be covered within 24 hours.. of course don’t try that.. unless you are  in any sort of challenge of touring the world within 80 days!! So my point is.. if you are travelling on a budget, try to stay at places little away from main cities like Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken, Geneva etc. Like you may choose to stay at places like: Engelberg, Grindelwald. Your accommodation will be comparatively cheaper. Also they are quite centrally positioned within the country and easy to commute all across the places.

Cost of living in Switzerland is quite high, in that case instead of hotel, you may choose for hostels, home-stays or apartments to save your cost or budget.


Switzerland is world famous for it’s railway connection through our the country. The reason I asked you to choose your stay at outskirt areas, because commuting in and around Switzerland will not be problem at all.

Buy a Swiss pass or Swiss Travel card (there are 1st class/ 2nd class passes available.. then there are passes for youth/ couples or families travelling together). This covers everything for you. Let me tell you how:

  1. With Swiss travel pass/card, you can travel for n number of times on trains for free.
  2. Only if you take any scenic train, in that case you only need to pay for the reservation fees, which varies for every scenic trains (like golden pass-line train, glacier express, Bernina express etc.) to secure a seat and it’s mandatory. But the reservation fees are pretty much nominal or descent.
  3. With Swiss Travel pass/ card you can avail any public transport for free
  4. You get discount on many attraction
  5. Then free entry to selected museums etc.

Swiss travel pass is the best and only way to travel carefree in Switzerland.


As I said before, cost of living in Switzerland is high, hence if you are travelling on budget, fine dining 3 times a day may cost you a lot. In that case, if you are staying in apartments with kitchen facility, then try to cook your food or try for the readymade foods available at local retail stores.

Surely once in a while, do try some local gourmet food. Or MacD, Burger king can also save you for a matter of fact. And don’t forget to try some delicious, creamy ice-creams. There’s nothing like Swiss ice creams!!


Swiss watches, Swiss knifes, then there are so many other things to lose your money on in Switzerland. Whatever you buy, don’t forget to save a good amount for money for lots of.. lots of & more lots of chocolates. You are a chocolate lover right? You have to be.. Otherwise what are you doing in life!!

These are some of my Travel Tips to Switzerland.. Next Post will be on my Switzerland Itinerary..

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