Spanish Garlic Soup Recipe

***Easy Healthy Soup Recipe***

It’s winter, my feet are frozen, my palms are icy-cold; and all I can ask for is some heart-melting warmth.. loads and loads of them. One good and very easy option would be Soup!! Hot Vegetable Soup and some toasty breads.. And a big round spoon to slurp the watery warmth!! Oh even the thought of holding a bowl of piping hot soup is such a comfort. Even my mum loves to have soup during winter, but she never cooks one by herself!! Thinking What am I talking!!

Even the instant soup packets were pushed to me to blend them in hot water!! I know .. how courageous I am!! But gone are those days (or may be not completely!!), now I have tried my hands on chopping, cutting, stirring and making soup. I tried this simple, flavourful and little spicy garlic soup and Bingo!! Let me tell you all about the recipe first…

Recipe of the Soup:

  • Take a Pan/pot- Add 1 table spoon of olive oil + 1 table spoon butter (margarine in my case) – I added finely chopped onions (I am Not going to blend the soup mix, then re-heat it, that’s why I am using finely chopped onions). You need to stir the Onions till the edges of the onion pieces are turning slightly brown.
  • Then I added lots of finely sliced garlic. I did the soup for 2 people, for which I used about 15-17 pods of thick garlic. stir them till the smell of garlic is tempered with the onions, don’t burn the garlic or wait for the garlic to turn brown. We don’t want to fry the garlic.
  • For bread I took what’s always available in the refrigerator. I took 4 slices of multi grain bread. I sliced them to small cubes.
  • Two of those bread slices, now turned into small cubes went straight to the sandwich grill, to get crusty.
  • Rest two slices, went straight into the pan on top of the garlic and onion. The bread will soak all the oil in the pan, don’t panic, neither add any further oil into the pan. Just gently stir everything, and let the bread cubes turn slightly (not much, just slightly) toasted on the heated pan.
  • Though it’s a Spanish soup, I used Italian seasoning in it (I didn’t use any kind of chili powder, the Italian seasoning already had some chili flakes in it) followed by Salt, black pepper, and then a quick stir.
  • Then add some vegetable stock. To serve Two, I used 2+1/2 small bowls of vegetable stock. In case you don’t have enough vegetable stock, then add some water with the stock. OR.. if you don’t have vegetable stock at all, add normal water, add a whole carrot, potato in the water.
  • Once the water comes to a boil, keep the heat to medium and let it cook for 10 minutes.
  • After this (if you have added whole carrot & potato, then take them off for some other use) break one egg at a time in a bowl and drop them gently on the soup. I added 2 eggs. Add some freshly chopped coriander.
  • Bring the heat to minimal and cover the pan for 5 minutes.
  • And it’s done. Don’t forget to take the crusty bread cubes off the grill in between, you have your instant croutons!!
  • You know the final drill right?? Take the soup in small bowls, don’t forget the egg in each bowl and top it with those brittle croutons.

My soup doesn’t look red or orange as I avoided the chili powder but it tasted mighty delicious and winter hot and the ‘lady of the house‘ has requested ‘Once More!!!’ Victory!!!

inspired by @Spice Bangla

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