Transition 2020- 2021- Life is a lesson Or.. Lessons make a life!!

#Welcome2021BlogHop with @TheSaffronStoryteller aka Swarnali Nath

2020.. A year of so much hope and aspiration.. Robust job prospect, bulls-eye sales target followed by an increment to live a little more affluent life, dreams sparkling all across, Travel plans all set for one whole year… Shopping bucket getting longer with each month.. Oh!! And getting that highly desired tight core at the Gym.. Did I mention ‘supposed to be’ at the very beginning?? Okay then, Year 2020 was ‘supposed to be’ a year to make the dreams more dynamic…

But then.. the big thick rainbow bubble just vanished.. Time was beyond our reach but it started running fast, so fast even our realisation failed to get along.. the real world became so unknown with every day as it passed by.. Borders closed, work came to a halt, salary cut to pepper corn sizes, job insecurities and the hope for better-days-ahead future became so obsolete. Life went upside down leaving us static at some arbitrary centre point!!

If nothing has been going right so far.. then what rays of hope one should have from tomorrow, from the days lying ahead, apart from simply crosschecking the calendar one day after the other without any memory to cherish!! With a deep-long ‘Sigh’ I wanted to think of something, anything.. some plan.. some idea!!

Then A realisation bore on.. Just ONE.. ‘I am still breathing! Long and synchronised ones!’ ‘That means I am still inhaling and another good news, exhaling after a pause as well.’ Simple equation.. I am still living, that means life is still on, there’s more to see.. good or horrible.. that I will know only on time.. But there’s more moments to witness and record.. Sooo philosophical eh!! Or maybe so typically Karan Joharishly Bollywood like!! Ok let’s cut this monotony of mule-headed moaning.. Let’s throw some gold here.. so that my words can shine on them like a rainbow!! Another philosophy!! Well May be!!

Okay.. before I get into the ‘ray of sunshine’.. let’s get you some ‘mere’ bizarre facts.

I spoke of getting the perfect abs right? No matter how difficult squats I would pull up, increase the number of crunches, do one-hand push ups (and giving up to the old school two hand right after trying with one hand and falling on the floor saving my nose somehow), I realised that my bulging tummy is never going to shrink inside to flaunt it at the beaches of Bali!! Which reminds me, when will I be able to #travel next??!! 😦

So I gave up that muscle crushing, sweat dripping work-out to something more relaxing and supple one.. thanks to YouTube for that.. Also, I wonder how that stinky charcoal water-pool is doing, where I became a swimmer last year for the second time.


And hell broke loose on ‘The Lady of the house’, she was at the slipping edge of giving up her job; the members of the house (consisting of 3 crucial adults including the lady herself) as a result, were.. actually to consider it’s still continuing, eating the same food for 2 days at a row, there’s a big RED warning for no special request till we are going out of the house as per normal schedule and giving her peaceful afternoons back to her!! Hallelujah!!

Challenge accepted ‘owner of the kitchen’ and in everyway Boss of the house!! There won’t be any request, there will be taking control of the kitchen (temporarily by all means of-course).. And I started searching my own request on internet and making them by myself for the family.. how’s that huh!!

Quite impressing right!!

Learning to live at minimum expense, dominating that quench of monthly online branded shopping to only and only extreme necessity, 24/7 at home, hardly meeting any outsiders, no home-delivery of mouth watering pan-fried momos, no tikhi pani puri for months, trying everything in an easier-healthier way at the inadequate home kitchen, surfing youtube for ‘at home’ recipes, no savings for a year, no Saturday outing with mum, only listening to the couple’s complaints over each other, showing red eyes to the head of the family to wash hands and sanitize the purse-phone every time he comes home from the world at large.. oh, the new lipsticks are still intact as it’s the colour of the masks that I am more concerned of now.. so you see in a way it hasn’t been that bad ehh!!

Good-sad, difficult to complicated, impatient to happiness, there’s everything but at different moments of life.. and there’s surprises as well, loads of them but surely unknown to us till ‘it’s time’.. And that is what we call ‘Life’. So it’s not for this brand new year but the days ahead even when this year will also bid us sayonara; my point is, learn to embrace, get used to of the difficulty and instead of accepting, try to look for positivity to make a change. It’s like you need some time to adjust your vision while in the darkness.

I am doing it, hunting my way towards the light and I know that the road will come soon.. hopefully, or may be there will be some riddled twist on the path once again!! But as long as my arteries are functioning, there will be some or the other stories to live in.

So, lets make a silent pledge.. Let’s just Live in this moment!!

This Blog post is part of the #Welcome2021BlogHop arranged by Author-Blogger Swarnali Nath or as we know her as ‘The Saffron Storyteller‘.

46 thoughts on “Transition 2020- 2021- Life is a lesson Or.. Lessons make a life!!

  • I loved how you transitioned the gloomy start to a post filled with real life events and seeing life on a brighter side. Kudos to your spirit where you became the masterchef of the house and all your food pics are an evidence of it. Let’s get the message to actually enjoy each moment.

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  • Wow, such a beautiful twisted and tossed write up. I really loved the apt play of words and the weaving style of your little big moments of life. Cooking was a new discovery of the year and it went so well! Very nicely written and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much for joining us in the blog hop Payel. Grateful to you. Wish you a great year ahead. Best wishes.

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  • Just like the year 2020 your post is filled with unexpected moments. My favourite are the one liners that come in between to lighten the reading and find positivity and hope in the situation presented to us. Kudos to all the work out and cooking you have managed to get. Meanwhile keep sharing more stories and inspire us. Happy New Year – Urvashi, Damuru Creations

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  • So true Payal this year has been different for all of us. not only harsh one but also been the biggest teacher for everyone. I liked The tadka of funny one liners in your writing. specially the “Karan Joharishingly’ one Haha😃, went to read it again and again. Your pics are the witnessing the work of a brilliant chef. Keep going girl.

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  • Absolutely loved the recap on a year that was ‘supposed to be’ to the rainbow bubble vanishing…your interesting recount of the ‘bizarre facts’ and ‘rays of sunshine’.
    The philosophical angle is a stunner!
    I am a fan of your writing style, Payel.
    Beautiful article!

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  • “learn to embrace, get used to of the difficulty and instead of accepting, try to look for positivity to make a change”

    There… You said it 😊. Not only said it…. Implemented it… Or rather danced on it 😊. What with the lovely dishes and the trysts with the spectacular abs dreams… On the beaches of Bali…. See, not only you were inhaling and exhaling but also you had such magnificent dreams…! Lessons might make a life but dreams keep it going… Don’t they 😊. So cheers to your dreams and may they all come true in the new year 2021.

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  • Yes indeed! Pledging to live in this moment. While reading, I came across the bit where you gave up on reducing the tummy. I’m now where you were. Trying to reduce. God knows what’s gonna happen 😋 but more importantly I’m focusing on staying active. Love how well you have articulated the post

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  • First of all, perfect title for a beautifully penned down post. “the new lipsticks are still intact as it’s the colour of the masks that I am more concerned of now” thats so true. I don’t use make up a lot nor lipstick but the same I was thinking while I went on my grocery trip that why many cosmetics are on sale? May be this is the reason, people don’t feel the need to get the matching shade as whats the use? 🙂
    Very refreshing post.


  • Loved your summary of the year gone by with a beautiful description of all the colors of life that came alive during this extraordinary year. Let’s hope to keep the light of hope ignited in us in the coming year too. Thoroughly enjoyed this lovely piece, Payel.
    Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!!

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  • Spot on, Payel! We’re still breathing and alive, there’s a lot more left for us to experience. So Carpe diem, live in the moment. Wishing you a great new year ahead!

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  • Well said. We need to look for positivity in the given situations and not wait for something to bring out the positivity to us. New Years’ always don’t bring on good news!!! I liked the way you write your posts. The humor and satire elements are totally entwined with each other and one can’t do without the other. You really have the magic of the words

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  • The transition you have mentioned here is written so incredibly that I could imagine the virtual “Slide Show” of the same. Wish you a great year ahead Payal! Stay safe😊

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  • So true Payel – let’s just live in the moment! Like you – we had the whole year planned as well. Since I moved out of India with my older son last year – as a family we have done our planning months in advance – whether we going back to India or the family coming Almaty! But as you said – now the situation is such that I am not even able to plan how to get back to Almaty! So yes, getting used to living in the moment!

    btw when travel starts again – do come to Almaty once!

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    • Wow– moving out of the country isn’t really an easy thing, that too in a situation as such, I can’t imagine what all issue (or trouble) you had to go through. But the warrior mom you are I am sure you will adjust and get along with the circumstances. Thank you for reading and sharing your experience.

      Also, thank you so much for that invitation, can’t say No to such lucrative proposal. My best wishes to you and your entire family for the new year.


  • You sealed the deal with that last line “ let’s just live in the moment”. Your candid confessions and ways to maneuver the lockdown were interesting and hilarious!! May you always stay creative, humorous and bubbly, just like the way you are!! Keep shining my girl 🥰

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