Full day Backwater ride from Alleppey to Kollam- My Solo Travel plan to Kerala on a Budget- #GodsOwnCountry

A day dedicated to legs stretched, fingers crossed behind the neck, back relaxed at 45 degree and doing nothing, but still transporting from one place to the other in a caterpillar speed. Dreamy isn’t it??

From Alleppy to Kollam there are daily ferry services are available, twice a day. (10 am & 6 pm) better to take the morning one as the deliberate long journey is taken to enjoy the long stretched signature back water of #Kerala. The 8 hours journey is surely very slow paced but it’s like floating amidst the verdant. Grayish water everywhere and green carpet land bordering this marsh land. It’s very difficult to describe the entire journey as it only contains experience from heart. Take any upper deck seat (as no pre-reservation required) and have some snacks and water in case you are hungry and even you aren’t, munching is fun in this day long journey.

As the day, I boarded for this journey, it was a partially sunny day. So imagine, a wide-open freshly wiped neon blue sky on which white candy floss clouds are rowing unhurriedly, beneath them huddles of tall green coconut trees are racing against el cielo to touch it’s surface. Underneath the thick green grass are happy to spread across the horizon as far as they can. At places small canoes are tied along the banks, some not used since years may be. Then there are small- big houses, some has good shiny 4 wheeler in the garage or may be a Honda bike! At times the boats are swaying across water, no land to be seen for a quarter of an hour and then appear the fishermen’s village. Women knitting the fishing nets while rice is boiling in the pot, men busy in their own daily chores or simply chatting or smoking. Kids waving at all the passing boats as if we, tourists are aliens and have come for a visit to their world! Some villages can only be commuted through boats here to the main land; then the journey continues passing by churches, local people, small town, oldies sitting at the road side tea stall and spending their time by just staring whatever passes in front of them and many more!

Camera will run out of battery but the scenery won’t stop mesmerising one. The sunset view on the back water is another frame to remember. Once the sun bends to west, White Sea birds makes their way to their nests and fly aside the boats and up at the sky, it starts turning golden red. While the sun sets down the horizon, slowly the number of birds grows, zigzagging the boat and vanishing somewhere in the sky!

This ferry ride from Alleppey to Kollam is worth taking and it’s impressively dreamy.

Note: The Boat gives two breaks, one for lunch at a local island (local food on a budget) and another for evening tea and snacks.

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