Travel Guide to #Munroe-Island – My Solo travel plan to Kerala on a Budget- #GodsOwnCountry

Munroe Island as the name describes is an island, 24 km away from Kollam city. For me it’s a small simple village, where the people are very religious and tradition bound and the entire place is wrapped in thick greenery and fresh oxygen.

How to go to Munroe Island from Marari/ Alleppey/ Kollam:

  1. Mararai to Alleppey- by local bus or Auto (400 rs) –> Alleppey to Kollam – local trains are available, takes only 1 hour
    • Or, Alleppey to Kollam: there is Kerala government tourist Boat, leaves everyday @ 10:30 am (& 6:30 am), an 8 hours journey through the back water. Costs 400 INR per person (gives 2 stops in between for lunch and evening tea/ snack at own costs)
  2. Kollam to Munroe Island by Train: Munrothuruthu is the train station – by train 15 mns from Kollam- This is the best way to travel, there are trains available at every 2 hours
  3. Kollam to Munroe island- By Local Bus: hardly any direct buses are available
    •  From Kollam- one has to take a bus to Chittumala (whichever bus goes to Chengadoor, will go to Chittulama); in case direct busses to Chittumala is not available for the day, then one has to go to Kundara by bus- then to Chittumala- then to Munrothuruthu bus stop- then take an auto to the accommodation
  4. Kollam to Munreo island By private Auto: services available @ 400- 500 rs. (needs a bit of Bargain).

****Best option to follow is: by private car/ auto or by train; definitely NOT BUS. Trust Me!! ****

For some reason I had to cut short my stay at Munroe Island. But as much as I have seen the place, it has kept me serene and happy. Locals say this island has the best sunset one can experience in their lifetime for which I have to come back here again very soon.

The Astamudi Lake is a beauty of this town and a Kerala boat ride on lake or diving to swim in the water is the perfect way to spend the laid back stay in this place.

I also got to see some cultural side of Munroe Island. Almost at midnight the host of the house took the fellow guests and I to a near-by temple and seeing an elaborate 2 hours long Puja dedicated to the serpent Goddess. Malayalam religious songs, the rhythm on Matka, chords on Pulluvan Paattu, chanting of the Pandit and the entire village gathered to watch this elaborate ritual. The experience was never seen before, knowing a new culture is always startling, isn’t it?

Stay in Munroe Island:

  1. There are plenty of home-stays available (but check every facility before head) and few resorts. Hence staying in Munroe island won’t be very difficult
  2. 2-3 nights in minimum necessity to get lost in the mid of light-dark lush greenery.
  3. What else I loved about Munroe Island is, the people, they are so homely, helpful and truly kind hearted.

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