Travel Guide to #Marari Beach- My Solo travel plan to Kerala on a Budget- #GodsOwnCountry

Marari is small fishermen’s village to the south of Kerala. When it’s all about experiencing the minimal luxury, the local Kerala flavour, crumpling on a cradle tied between two coconut trees, for the entire day with a book, only green and blue to accompany and some distant chit chat; then Marari is one option for you. No line of extravagant restaurants by the beach to serve fine culinary, only the home-stays or resorts to serve lavish kerala meals and fried munchies to gorge on during the day on the beach and get tanned. Marari is this short and crisp at description and the best place to lay on your belly and relax.

How to reach Marari from Vagamon/ Travel from Vagamon to Marari:

By Local Bus: Vagamon -> Kottayam (Changing 2 buses in between, hardly any direct busses) –> Cherthala -> SL Puram -> Auto to Marari accommodation– will take the entire day but will cost like peanut

BY Train: Alleppey is the closest station to Marari, from there an auto, private car is available .

Private car: costs 3500 INR for 2 pax, takes about 4:30 hours (do stop for 1-2 photo stop and surely for a big coconut water break)

There are couple of churches in the main city to go for, which are about 7-8 km away from Marari beach (public transports like bus/ auto are well available), but even if one doesn’t want to do anything but only lie back lazily on the beach for the whole day, there’s no sin to it. Marari is experiencing a Kerala village with a touch of basic touristic facility.

What to do in Marari, Kerala:

Keep it simple when in Marari. Roaming around the village & the beach from one end to another, waiting for the sun to go down and flooding the horizon with vibrant colours, seeing the fishermen running to the mid ocean during sunset with their flat cushion boats are some of the best experiences to have here. Which also reminds me of the cute little fishermen’s munchkins who love to say ‘hello’ to tourists!

Sunset in Marari is intense and slightly ebony kind. Rather than painting the sky with flashy red or blue during sunset, everything become inky golden and brown with a tint of red at times. It’s like “The true work of art is but a shadow of divine perfection” Michelangelo

Stay in Marari:

  1. For sure stay by or close to the beach area. There are few resorts by the beach, otherwise plenty of home-stays, hostels are available at Marari.
  2. 2 to 5 nights of relaxed stay in this village, I will suggest

That’s Marari for you.. if you like to lazing around, if you like doing nothing but still enjoy a blissful holiday.. You just can’t keep this place off your tour plan.. You just can’t!!

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