Brain, Blogging and Blogchatter

Blogging is the living passion; but then, even passion demands dedication. The last one month has been heck of (30-4) days, where even those -4 nights have been like just hatched birds nest, way too warbling.

The purpose was, to challenge the passion to kick capability to it’s edge and keep it stand there steady as long as the toes can balance the entire body or at least a month, whichever is lesser.

Now, the confidence (or under confidence) was, to call it dreams’ end after 5 days maximum. When writing a travel description is easier than writing consistently on a theme and that too for 4 weeks consecutively, not my kind of pen. Even today, as Blogchatter said it’s not compulsory to right a look back I happily wasn’t paying attention henceforth. But, after 11 pm every night, when others lovingly cuddle their pillow and sweet dreams, my brain under some unknown spell takes quite a few summer-salts and I tend to do the already decide not to do things.

So more than a look back, it’s actually a water reflection of being never changed, kicking my own spine harder. What I discovered during this 26 prolonged days and thankfully inexpensive session, is don’t just pre- heat and grill the brain, bake it which is also called slow cooking, to let the flavors and ingredients enhance with each other, and if ingredients are correctly proportioned , the mixture will rise to a soft, moist and fluffy cake.

The best part of writing the blogs were, inputting sense into them and later humor somehow couldn’t stay behind. So, right after the first A blog, the cake started to rise. Some very proud put ups, some what to write and where’s the joke moments, some should have poured more khatta pani thoughts.. Over all this beginner’s participation was navigating with Google map but lot of internet disorder in between but finally the paan wala shops are the best maps to find the destination like.

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