Healthy Patishapta Recipe

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Hey Guyssss… this is really cool today.. Today it’s all about a STOLEN Recipe!! Oppss.. I said that aloud.. Ok doesn’t matter.. it’s only you I am telling this.. And you are not telling anyone.. Like I know that!!

You won’t right??!! But the question is, whom did I steal it from?? It’s the Momsie’s recipe I stole.. And I am happy that I could convince her to make Patishapta at home after some time.. No matter what I say to make fun of her just for the sake of adding a bit of wit to my posts.. I can’t dare to deny that she is a Foodtastic cook.. and My Mom’s cooking is the best for me. You know what’s so special about mom’s cooking.. it’s full of love, care, compassion and their tender heart mixed into their ingredients, swirls of spatula and cooking.

So this is a Momsie special recipe.. by a Very Special Mom.. Gear Up Now!!!


  • Whole Wheat Flour: 1 cup (usually refined flour is used, to make the patishapta for which it looks smooth and white; As we are making it healthy.. so usage of wheat flour with jaggery gives it a burnt effect)
  • Rice Flour: 1 table spoon
  • Semolina/ Sooji: 2 table spoon
  • Salt: 1 pinch
  • Milk: 1/2 cup
  • Jaggery: as per taste (about 3/4 cup, jaggery is less sweeter than sugar, so you will need more jaggery in comparison to sugar.. HOWEVER, don’t make the batter too sweet, as your filler is also sweet, so it has to be balanced, think of giving the batter a flavour of jaggery than making it sweet)
  • water: as required

Ingredients for the Filler:

  • for Coconut filling: Grated coconut & Jaggery (you may also use sugar if you want)
  • You may also make a filling with Kheer: For which you will need Khoya or Mawa (this is milk reduced to process a solid form) & jaggery or sugar

Let’s make the filler first:

  • Take a pan or kadai, once the Kadai is very hot, add the jaggery. Let it dissolve by itself (check the heat, the jaggery shouldn’t get burnt), stir occasionally, once the jaggery dissolves, it looks like thick jelly.
  • When the jaggery is about to come to a boil, add the grated coconut, and mix it well for 2-3 minutes. Once the coconut is mixed well with the jaggery and it starts to stick to the pan, take it off the heat.
  • Don’t cook for too long, as the coconut mix will become hard and chewy once cooled.
  • Also, once the coconut starts sticking to the pan, take it off the heat because once cooled down, it will become little more sticky.

Now the main JOB.. Let’s make Patishapta!!!

  • Batter first: Add the dry ingredients, wheat flour, semolina, rice flour, salt as per the proportion.
  • Take a cup of warm water and dissolve some jaggery in it.
  • Into the flour mix, add the milk first, and mix it well with the flour. Now add the jaggery water into the batter and mix it well. If you need you may add little more water to make a smooth, creamy, liquid batter. (you may add more milk than water/ you may use only water to make the batter/ you may use only milk as well to make the batter)
  • The batter should not be very runny like water, not too thick that it doesn’t pour out of the ladle smoothly, it will be little thick yet runny, as in the batter should stick to your finger.
  • The below presentations may help you here….
  • Take a non sticky flat pan or tawa, let it become hot.
  • Now brush a little oil on the pan (my mother has her own ‘Eco-friendly’ tools for this)
  • Keeping the heat low, Take a ladle full of the batter, pour it in the middle of the pan and with the help of the back of the ladle or a crêpe spreader, lay the batter flat and ’round’ (it’s very important).
  • **** The FIRST try may not go well, so don’t lose your heart at all
  • Wait for about 3-4 seconds and try to flip the crêpe starting from the edges all around.
  • I agree that it’s little difficult to work with wheat flour batter, but trust me here, you will get on.. it’s not that difficult once you know it all
  • Once you are flipping the crêpe, don’t wait for long, once the crêpe comes off the pan just flip it immediately.
  • Increasing the heat, wait for 7-10 seconds and low the heat again, flip the crepe once again.
  • Now place the coconut filler at one part of the crepe, sprinkle some chopped nuts (I used almond here, you may use cashew, raisins, though these are optional) and fold the crepe into a roll and that’s it.

As I said, it’s a mom’s recipe, it’s an old Bengali Gharka recipe, it has to be good, it really was salacious.. I can never have enough of this one thing (cliché! Its is!!).. I love my Bong connection and I love being a Foodieeee!! BY THE WAY.. I didn’t just see my Mum cooking and relishing my guilty pleasure.. I also tried my hand and it was success to the T… I am so Gooood You know!

Yaaa. I got it.. I have to leave you now to try this by your own.. Happy Cooking…

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