Book Review- Food Technology

By Shivaranjini Anandan

Courtesy @Blogchatter

Food is meant to be chewed, enjoyed, savoured and gulped down for our regular nourishment.. Now, what can technology may have anything to do with it? But if given a logical thought, in the era of a tech driven world, where we are almost immovable without an interference of science in our lives, how come our edibles won’t have an aspect with technology??

Consider those Tetra pack Milk, Frozen fruits or Cup noodles sold on the super market. One just can’t put the contents in a nice colourful packet and sell them! There are certain techniques involved to keep the food lasting for some days in it’s exact form and keeping it’s nutritional values intact. Then why is it important to include food labeling on every packaged food or is it important for the consumer to verify the same before buying?

This book ‘Food Technology’ by Shivaranjini Anandan gives you the basic idea on Food technology and it also talks about the key things we all should know about processed food before buying them. The book also talks about ‘Shelf life of food’, ‘Spray drying technology’, ‘3D food printing’ and many more.

Even the author has shared few interesting and easy food recipes in the book. The best part for me was, eating Maggi is healthy provided you let go of the taste maker!! Apart from that one thing the author has stressed a lot on was ‘Anti-oxidant’ value for any food you are consuming.

The book has been an insightful read as you get to relate a lot with your regular food habit, you also can easily make some changes to your calorie consumption very easily if required. Knowing the use of salt component behaves differently at different altitude, knowing which food may have what kind of nutrient present in it is always interesting. As foodie or not, we all tend to look up to food items which does more justice to our anatomy.

If I was missing something, I wanted to know the author’s personal view on many places, like among so many technologies being used to present food as interestingly as possible to the consumers, till what extent should one consume them or at all some of them should be consumed; like if there could have been more ‘myths & truths’ in the book, it could have helped a layman like me more. But overall this is surely a must read for people who are conscious and cautious of their food habits.

"This 3D food printers have a revolutionary future with artificial intelligence, where all the healthy ingredients you choose will transform to customized meals according to your dietary requirements, extruded into marvellous 3D shapes and cooked automatically will reach your plate, with a push of a button on the food printer"

The book is available for Free download till July 2020, click here for a copy.

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