Biennale Art Exhibition- Fort Kochi, Kerala Travel- 2019

I didn’t have any idea of what Biennale meant or was or could be, till I went to Fort Kochi and a heart full of gratitude to my host, who mentioned the word ‘Biennale’ to me. Biennale is an International Art Exhibition held worldwide at different times and on an alternative year basis. Artists across the world can take part in it, and whats more.. tourists, aesthetes across the globe travel to attend such events. (And I just didn’t have a clue about it!!) Every possible existing form of art is showcased on this 4 months long event. This biennial event is silently herculean, apart from its actual showcase forum, i.e. the Aspinwall House there are 12 other venues where artists can project their creativity.

Biennale Art exhibition is kind of an eye opening for any non artist people like me, who thinks art can only be defined on a piece of white chart paper with shades of water colours stroked on it on various direction. After through and perceived tour of #AspinwallHouse, art actually appeared as ‘think beyond’ and give shape to the imagination in every earthly manner. Film presentation, paper cut out, canvas painting, pottery, sound projection have been taken to several steps’ ahead of transformation and sundry unthinkable forms of art are showcased in this convention.

Even trash or predated used can be shaped into creativity and meaningful art to be precise, was never part of my imagination. A three hours astounding roaming, mobile capture have been safely kept in my muggle pensive to remember and look back at them again and again. This time it started on December 2018 and was held till March 2018. If someone comes during Biennale, a weeks’ stay in Fort Kochi, to visit all the art galleries should successfully be made.

I also found some open food podium, where anyone could cook for free, the only condition was to share the food with others (free for sure), clean your own plate or cup and that’s it.. Isn’t that interesting? Also after passing through so much of artistry, to vitalize the originator in every heart, there was an open white etched glass dais for ‘anyone can be an artist’ lot, the only tools given were a bowl of water with paint brush and whoever wanted could water paint anything on the glass walls.

There are different entry tickets available:

** Rs. 100 for one day, one entry pass to Biennale Aspinwall Hall and free entry to other galleries

For more entry to Aspinwall, there are more options.

Aspinwall house keeps open from 10 am to 6 pm during the event. Post which, at various places, different workshops are held for free of charge.

Next Biennale will be held on December 2020, can’t wait to go back again.

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