Solo Travel Guide to #Bali – Travel to #Indonesia on a Budget

Sun, sand, sea and an island enriched with their traditional and cultural values, it has to be #Bali. A small island which can be driven across in one day (provided no stop in between, except at a petrol pump!!); can actually be an ideal destination for a long, laid-back vacation. Though talking of #Bali, many people think of only nightlife, party, and flock of people everywhere… however someone like me, who stays miles away from these high spirited activities, can give you a different picture of #Bali altogether which is pacifying if i may say!

I love beach destinations, and I also like to blend with the nature and for which I like quietness, I like to savour the newly felt air from my surrounding and lose myself into it. I’m still in my #Bali_blues fever, and determined to pass it on to you as well..

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