My #SoloTrip to #Cambodia: A full day #Sightseeing from #SiemReap

Siem Reap is one of the major cities in Cambodia, especially very popular and widely visited by tourists. This city has many aspects, culture, history, nightlife, food, gift shopping.. you name it, it’s there, and this city is so much fun.

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My #SoloTrip to #Cambodia- #SiemReap #NightMarket

Southeast Asian countries are becoming more popular among tourists day by day, especially for westerners. Cambodia is one of the Asian countries, gaining popularity year after year and the statistics are really upward. One of the widely visited cities in Cambodia by tourists is Siem reap. Even I started my journey with Siem Reap this time. And apart from the world-known history, this city is famous for its nightlife (I only had the knowledge of the former actually!)

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