Mount Abu Travel guide on a Budget- @ Rajasthan Tour

The journey from Jodhpur to Mt. Abu is about 5 hours by road. Mt. Abu is the cooling (in my case icing) comfort in the middle of the warm Royal trip to Rajasthan. Of course another aspect is, it’s the popular hill station of Rajasthan and tightly packed on the weekends being very close to Gujarat as well. People of this state or neighboring state along with long haul tourists from and out of India, often prefer to spend their weekends here.

Carrying thick warm clothes, especially November onward (which should also include gloves, woolen cap, muffler, socks etc) is very important otherwise one can opt for becoming a frozen Rabdi in that bone prickling cold. Though to break the monotony of regularly becoming sweating wax, a change of spending 1-2 nights under the cozy blanket is quite comforting. Where the mornings are good to soak in the Vitamin D with a pair of light warm clothes to warn you, evenings are better to be under those solid heavy jackets and sweaters, and looking for hot smoking coffee. Mt. Abu is also a place for cheap yet chic shopping, be it junk jewelries, warm clothes, souvenirs, gifts and many more. Don’t miss the evening shopping here.

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