Chocolate Review: Bee Tee’s Melt Chocolate

Are you a #chocolatelover? #Chocolatefiend? #chocoholic? Chocolate fanatic and all that related to your love for chocolates? Please stop by and give it a read. I think I have something useful for you.

A Choco-smith came across to me and gave me a very hard task with an agreement of pure honesty throughout my job… This is getting very riddle like.. Let me tell you all..


About the Product:

So Bee Tee’s Melt Chocolate is a chocolate boutique, they are craftsmen of chocolates with ingredients specially handpicked from various parts of the world. These chocolates are designed with skillful mindset (may be, for this same reason they call these ‘Artisan’ chocolates), there’s no compromise with the taste and there’s no downgrading the health factor at the same time. The brand mostly use unrefined sweetener to lessen the sugar intake for each chocolate bar, they claim of not using any preservatives in their chocolates, what’s more, their chocolates attest of being vegan, soya free and gluten-free. You will know more of that gradually..

Where/ How to Buy?

The first option to buy these chocolates is directly from the manufacturer, i.e. from Bee Tee’s Melt website. You get free shipping for purchase above Rs. 599.

Apart from that, these chocolate are available on Amazon and Flipkart as well.

Variety of the Products:

For chocolates, at the moment they have 3 varieties.

  • Bee Tee’s 48% Milk Chocolate: Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Brown Sugar, Cacao Butter and Milk
  • Bee Tee’s 54% Coconut milk Chocolate: Ingredients: Coconut Milk, Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter and Coconut Sugar. (Vegan Chocolate)
  • Bee Tee’s 72% Dark Chocolate with Palm sugar: Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Palm Sugar and Cacao Butter.

All of these chocolate bars claim to have “No Refined Sugar, No Preservatives, No Fillers or No Stabilisers”, which in a way makes these chocolates more of organic equal to being healthy.

In a nutshell these are the information about the product. Now ‘what do I think of them’ time!!

Review Time:

Though these chocolates have been sent as a gift by the brand, we agreed on a complete honest review. So let’s start from the beginning once again..


The delivery of the chocolates was quite fast, within 3 days of shipment the chocolates were delivered at my door step.


I am very fussy about packaging, if the product isn’t packed well and with proper care most importantly, I lose my interest majorly unless the product is really convincing enough to win me back.

When this package came, it was tightly wrapped with a silver bubble wrap, within which there was a black box with Bee Tee’s brand name on it and inside the box there were these small bars of chocolates lying peacefully. They also took extra precaution and put a small ice gel pack to avert the chocolates melting fast. This way of thoughtful packaging can’t go wrong. I was impressed. So first step, success.

Even if you check the website, they share their packaging method as quoted: “We ship the products in a thermally insulated box with non toxic reusable ice pack to ensure the chocolates reach in good condition.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.


The chocolate cases or the chocolate wrapping boxes are made of thin cardboard and can be reused to keep your chocolate secured until you finish the bar. Each case has different colour and theme in display, which also speaks of the ingredients each chocolate bar contains in a spoofy form, which get your attention to focus on the details more. These small cardboard cases are very earthy in colour and contain information of each products starting from the ingredients, manufacturing month, weight etc.

Inside each case you have the centre of attraction, even more carefully wrapped on a matt gold foil pack with a small sticker pasted to keep them on place, also those round stickers are named separately with the brand logo for each variety of chocolate. So even if you misplace the chocolate cases or get confused between the chocolate bars and their respective boxes, the chocolate bars won’t let you get confused.. Sigh!!

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Like any other chocolate bar which are divided equally into small squares from each sides, these chocolate bars do not look like them. They have their own way.. A large square portion of the bar is dedicated to emboss the brand name and logo; where rest of the bar is divided into small rectangular pieces. The overall look is quite different than our usually seen in other chocolates!

Rating: 4 out of 5.


No matter how well your product is packed, how extravagantly they are presented, at the end it all boils down to the quality.. in this case we are talking about.. the Taste of this chocolate. So 3 varieties of chocolates, then all of them need individual judgement. Fair enough?

Let’s ask you one thing first.. What do you look in a good quality chocolate? Sweetness? Aroma? Flavour? Colour? Get the answers in your head first to read the below. Ready?

Milk Chocolate:

Anyone in this country is aware of milk chocolate, as that has been the very first kind of chocolate we have been introduced with. Now usual milk chocolate means really sweet and less of coco-ish chocolate bar? But whoever has tasted chocolates across the world, would agree that even if it’s milk chocolate, it won’t be that sweet, India has a reputation of it’s chocolates being sweeter than others in general. Though it’s not the subject of discussion here..

Coming to this particular 48% milk chocolate: it’s really not a sweet sweet chocolate; then it’s particularly not bitter at the same time. It has it’s tinge of sweetness with mild bitter taste. There is a richness of cocoa; the cocoa still dominates in this milk chocolate bar & this domination is good, you can feel the aroma and the slight bitter taste in that sweetness and this particular USP makes this chocolate different from those known brands easily available in store. To make it simpler, it’s like you are having something made of cocoa than something made of sugar.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Coconut Milk chocolate:

Speaking of the taste first, the same richness of cocoa, the taste of each bite is heavy on your taste buds; this ‘heavy’ is very much in good sense by the way. As I am repeating my words, the best thing about these chocolates is, even if they are sweet, this sweetness isn’t sugary or overpowering the taste of the cocoa, you feel the same taste till the last trace remain on your tongue, that you are still enjoying pure chocolate.

Now talking about coconut milk chocolate, what will you expect? A slight aroma of coconut, a gentle mix of coconut’s oily and sweet flavour combined with cocoa? I missed that gentle touch of coconut here, it seemed exactly same as the milk chocolate; which is again not bad but when it’s a coconut chocolate, a slight coconut flavour was missing.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dark Chocolate:

72% percent cocoa, if you are a dark chocolate lover, only you know the charm of these bars. Now 90- 99% dark chocolates hardly have any sugar content, this one on the other hand has 72% cocoa and for sweetness they have used palm sugar. Which is unrefined jaggery or sugar made of jaggery. The Cocoa successfully dominates here and this is solid, rich, bitter dark chocolate. As we know the bitterness of dark chocolate doesn’t disappoint a ‘dark chocolate fiend’, so in this case I couldn’t stop from another bite, then one more and so on. Point is, this is one truly & carefully crafted dark chocolate.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Overall, these chocolates really speak of the quality ingredients they are made with, they are quite enriching to the taste buds, the taste of the chocolates dwells in you for some time and it remains in there for days (I have been very patient in this tasting). Nothing to do with promotion, but for my utter love for good quality chocolate, I truly recommend every chocolate lover to try them at least once. Over All rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.


So far, everything has been acceptable and very much agreeable. Finally the crucial question, how much do they cost. Each bar of 55gm costs Rs. 280. At first it may be difficult to come in terms with the price, because on a daily basis if we wish to stock the fridge, this price seems to be a lot.

But looking at the ingredients, the quality of the product, a true chocolate lover will agree to pay this amount. These chocolates are even a great option to gift your loved ones on their special days or on a special occasion. Also if not regularly, on and off you have to come back after trying them once. I say, one try is must for any chocolate fan and rest of the decision will be your very own.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

& now after all those thoughts and probes, here’s something very personal. While trying to know more about this company, the team.. I got to know that this brand was built by a very young and beautiful lady. And she just hasn’t built a random company who makes some delicious edibles; her hard work, her passion really speaks in the outcome she offers to the world. The products are really made out of honesty which is commendable. So here’s to women empowerment, here’s to the heart tending chocolates I had. Cheers.. I mean Chocolates!!

Those were all my thoughts straight from the heart on this chocolate brand. You may Follow @beeteesmeltchocolate on Instagram for the latest updates.

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