My Journey to the Land of Fairy-tales- Schwarzwald- Cockoo Clock Factory

Travel Blog on Titisee, Black Forest, Germany.

My visit to Titisee Black Forest was painfully short, but whatever time I could spend here, I loved this place if I can ignore the just above the minus temperature. It was one of the beautiful places I have come across in Europe. The natural beauty of the place, the shiny pitch-black roads, slight but unceasing drizzle, nail biting cold and a pleasant stay; Black Forest has been unexpected and wonderful for me.

Black Forest:

Black Forest is a region in South-West Germany which is famous for its vivid green forested mountains. It’s shades of green furs hugging each other for a long stretch. The reason of calling it Black instead of green is quite interesting. When the shades of green trees of the upper valley are falling over the trees at comparatively lower valley, for that shade the trees look very dark or black. That’s why the region is called Black forest region. You can sit somewhere quiet and continue looking at the ethereal beauty of the valley without blinking. It’s an experience..


Stay at Best western hotel Hofgut Sternen

The best stay in Schwarzwald probably. Just for the beauty of the place, 2-3 nights could easily be passed even doing nothing. The hotel come resort is a pleasing beauty. Rustic, yet so much pleasant by the touch of those rainbow flowers. The staffs are always ready to help and you can only find them when you need them. The rooms are not meant to be left empty, and the balcony is the place to be early in the morning. Simple- spacious, decor with a smart touch of advanced technology, I immediately fell head over heels for that combination. The entire property covers a huge area, with 2 restaurants, one souvenir shop and bang opposite to the famous Cuckoo Clock factory. I so badly wanted to walk across the property again and again but the rain just glued me at the balcony.

*** It’s just beside the train station; hence coming by train other than private car is no issue at all.

Cuckoo Clock Factory:

Facing the BW Hotel Hofgut Sternen stands the historic Cuckoo clock factory. Where, every hour you get to see the huge cuckoo calls to notify of the time along with some hand crafted dancer dolls. The cuckoo clock factory is a must visit if you are coming to Baden Baden, it’s a great experience for tourists who aren’t aware of ‘what these clocks are all about’ and not to forget some souvenir shopping. First they demonstrate how the clock is crafted with hands on pure rose wood and they give you a bit of history, from the first hand-made design to more technically advanced version of the clocks. The actual clock was hand run, of course during 1850 a pencil battery was no-where to be discovered. But for hand running, it has a mandate of temperature. So usually to tourists who are from colder places or far away from Germany, they suggest to buy the clocks run on battery instead of the hand run which is still available and still very much in use. There are many sizes are available, various designs are available as per the budget and preference. Hence you are free to buy as per your suitability.

Apart from that, there are many gift items to buy for your friends or for yourself. Do indulge carefully as they are very tempting, I wanted to buy everything, but had to put my hand inside my jacket pockets!!

If in Germany, do give a visit to this place, though Germany is big and very beautiful on the whole, this place won’t disappoint you if you ask me…

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