My Journey to the land of Fairy-tales – #Netherlands – #TheHague And #Amstelpark

My journey in Netherlands started from Hook Of Holland, from where the drive was straight to The Hague. The Hague is one of the major cities in Netherlands and a proud representor of #Madurodam. 

The Hague: Madurodam: (entrance fee required)

Duration: minimum 1:30 hours required, more is better

#Madurodam is a very famous tourist attraction across Netherlands and among International tourists. Madurodam is a miniature park; which showcases the landmarks of Dutch culture, history along with historical buildings, palaces, monuments of all over the Europe. This wonderland is good enough to make one feel the Ogre in the world of pygmies, where all Lilliput have fled with no choice left and we, the Giants are enjoying their habitation!!

Palaces, beach party, cruise port, railway station, airports everything is present here and they are like a grand world of Barbie. The surprising elements are the detailing of the interior (do give your attention inside the buildings!!); which is more stunning than the exterior of the ‘small size’ work. A slow observing walk all over the park is a flashback of childhood dreams.

Dutch Windmill by the Amstel River: (No entrance fee required)

Coming to Netherlands and not seeing a windmill is no justice to being tourists. De Riekermolen polder drainage windmill is one of the giant like and oldest in Amstelpark, Netherlands and it still spins on Saturdays and Sundays between 12:00 and 17:00 from May to September – when the wind is favorable, of course. This is one of the best views in Netherlands I found, the windmill is just beside the Amstel river along with a statue of the painter Rembrandt Van Rijn; there are two small lakes at the front and on a side of the windmill respectively. Standing by the river looking at the sun-rays cutting through the blades of the windmill at one side and on the other people are rowing their dinghies or pontoons on the river or enjoying meal at the cafe by the river and not to forget the colourful cyclists passing by. It’s a joy to smile unknowingly seeing all these. Every day feels like a Sunday here (Though it was a Sunday!!)

Though the tour inside the windmill is not available (it’s a bit heart breaking actually), but the windows are very intriguing, as if we the outsiders want to trespass to someone’s private little world! But an urge to peek inside is very tempting (real time ‘very’).

More on Amsterdam will follow soon….

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