Brief Stop at Haldighati En Route to Udaipur: My Budget Travel Plan to Rajasthan

On the way to Udaipur from Mount Abu, an en route stop at Haldighati should not be missed and overlooked. Considering the long told saga this historical place is carrying till date, a visit here is worth one’s time and every bit of interest.

Haldighati Museum:

Haldighati is a legendary place and no way to be given any second thought while planning an itinerary. Haldighati has its glorious milestone in Indian History. This was the native land of the Maharanas. Though history proudly remembers Maharana Pratap Singh, but the story begins from Maharana Udai Singh II, father of Pratap Singh. After the unexpected assassination of Ratan Singh II, by his brother; infant Udai Singh, the son of Late Ratan Singh II, was sent to Bundi with utter secrecy and safety without anyone’s notice, as the nurse in charge of Maharana Udai Singh II diverted the attention of the enemy by sacrificing her own new born, letting him get slaughtered by the killers and made them believe that Udai Singh II was dead, just to protect the future of Mewar.

Later Udai Singh II had been crowned as the king of KumbhalGarh, followed by the throne was passed to his son from his first wife and who did real justice to the role. So many battles were fought among the kinsmen for ages; both Udai Singh II and Pratap Singh had spent some major years of their life in the forest living sages’ lives. Then of course the battle of Haldighati between Maharana Pratap Singh and the Mughals, where Maharana’s heartily devoted and brave horse Chetak gave up his life saving his master’s. More than the bravery of swords, the stories of emotions, love and sacrifice have taken over the history at this part of the land and that is what makes this town and the story so special and significant.

Now the question is that, whether any memory of all these is still present in Haldighati today? Fortunately Yes, the Rajasthan Government has done all their research and put up a well planned museum, with 3D dimension projection of the entire lifetime event of Rana Udai Singh II and Mahrana Pratap Singh. The presentation would be around 20 minutes, and the one after the other switch on and switch off of the immersed scenes will not let you lose your attention. As a whole the entire presentation is quite interesting and keep you somewhat stunned to know the facts. One can spend a good 1 hour’s time in here.         

**Entry fees: INR 20.00 per person for Indian

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