My #Hyderabad Travel Guide- Travel Tips for Hyderabad

Old city, Tech city, #Hyderabad is diverse in nature and my travel experience in the city has been nice and warm !! Here are few travel tips for you:

Where to stay in Hyderabad:

Hyderabad and Secunderabad are twin cities, so if staying is concerned any of the two  can be considered, because all the attractions are spread across the city, so if some are close to Secunderabad, others are easily accessible from Hyderabad or some are same distance away from both the places. I had chosen Hyderabad for my first visit.

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My #Hyderabad Travel Guide- It’s easy to spend a week in Hyderabad

Hyderabad and Secunderabad, two twin cities residing in parallel to each other, while one is carrying it’s history and long built landmarks, the other is evolving in technology. When Hyderabad is a combination of heritage and charm, Secunderabad is more of contemporary.  I will be sharing my travel pointers with you of this city.

Places to see:

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A Day in #Ramoji Film City- My #Hyderabad Travel Guide

An experience of a life time for one day and it remains in the heart till life. Ramoji Film city is no less than an amusement park with lots of surprise elements in every corner of this dramatic place. Built on an humongous extensive hilly land, this place is full of excitement and still growing it’s new wonder. Ramoji is actually a shooting place, where many prestigious movies are shot every now and then, however the place is also open to general public/ tourists to enjoy this amazing wonderland. Apart from getting to see how films are shot, created, edited, or how film sets look like etc; before watching the final movie on a theater, there are performances, tours, rides and what not. Just purchase a normal ticket entry ticket (costs appx 1000 INR PP) (** there are two types of tickets available one without guide service and one with guide with higher price), and be on your own. No one can miss anything here as there are assistance all across the place to make sure you don’t miss any tour or any attraction. An entire day of synchronized fun was a very first for me, which wasn’t even thought off.

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Travel Guide to #Tiruvananthapuram – My Solo travel plan to Kerala on a Budget- #GodsOwnCountry

The last stretch of the journey and to the capital city of Kerala. A mix of both modern improvisation and typical South Indian tradition are residing together in peace here. Though usually tourists prefer Kovalam (a beach town about 15 km from Trivandrum) in place of the main city while planning a holiday in #Kerala, but as I had been to Kovalam before and have been to many beach towns at this visit, I wanted to see the Tiruvananthapuram city; and undoubtedly the city has its own charm.

How to reach Tiruvananthapuram:

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Travel guide to Varkala- My Solo Travel plan for Kerala on a budget- #GodsOwnCountry

A small town by the sea going up from plain land to the cliff, and then again the land is smoothing with the sea level; Varkala is the place to enjoy beach, get tanned under the sun, gorge on sea food, fresh fruit juice, South Indian delight and relax as long as one stays here. Or may be planning body detoxification by Yoga, Ayurvedic treatment and luxurious Kerala Spa.

How to reach Varkala:

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