BlogchatterA2Z 2021

Blogchatter A2Z 2021: Theme Reveal


Another year.. another 3 months whooshed away like snap of fingers.. another new season of a month long head jerking, biffing the brain left-right.. then ‘diagon-alley’ (bad one!!)- slightly north-east also may be.. , quivering the brain up-side down like a salt shaker if some dampen grains of new thought.. may be ‘idea’ will be more prominent here.. fall on the palm. The entirely smeared process is suavely called BlogchatterA2Z.

Idea or no idea.. with me, without me.. Blogchatter will move on. But this ‘Without me’ thing hurts my big extra large flabby EGO!! So even if I can’t think of anything.. the thing is A2Z miss nahi honi chahie!! Guess you have already understood.. this is what happens when a travel bummer is stuck inside her house for more than a year!!!

Darn!! More than a year and all I have done is.. slouching at the right corner of my old, now half misbalanced, broken bed; exploring the unreachable corners of the ceiling to suction out the decades’ old smoky hydrocarbons.. taking orders from the masters of the house and executing the same immediately like there was no time to waste.. but we were staying inside the house all the time anyway.. My rancours are listless and all bloated up, and I can never get done with it now!

This is not something you are interested in right?? Of course.. all you may want will be.. Get to the point and get with it Maaan!!

Though it’s my self-paid and legally owned domain, still for your sake (did you read that!! ‘Your Sake!!’), let me come to the point. This time I am going to talk about everything but TRAVEL (Ya ya this time you read it correct, no need to go back again). When I am still clueless as to what exactly I am going to write next month.. this is clear that these are going to be some brownie posts (no no nothing related to food or baking, please don’t read my posts with empty stomach!).. Soo 26 micro posts, 26 thoughts on how’s life in the mid of some off-centre global exile, 26 random life’s truth-realisation or simply nothing related to each other on next month.. Let’s see how it goes.. Hope you will still be there with me…

See you…

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