Voldemort Has Risen Again!!

This blog post is part of BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2021 for the theme Un-travel

Don’t you see? This is what it is!! What else can it be? And we didn’t have the slightest of notion!! But then, how could we? We are just muggles! We aren’t the ones roaming with a wooden stick in our pocket which can do things unimaginably dazed or at times undo what’s done! This time the planning took hell eternity to bring into action, but it was full-proof! And things seem to be working!

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I am talking about You-Know-Who!! V..V..VOL-DE-MORT!! He is back!! He is back which wasn’t foreknown! Actually it wasn’t possible to know anyway, Dumbledore isn’t there anymore, only he could know this, may be! But Voldemort is definitely back.. Can’t you see.. Muggles are at really high risk! He is by all means invincible this time. Nothing can stop him. He has his defence impenetrable without the mildest of crack on it. His horcruxes are multiplying just like the Flagrante curse! His mission to destroy muggles is giving him all the victory he wanted to have years before.


Muggle doctors can cure diseases which are nature borne, but how to treat ailment whose childbed has been the incantation of a sorcerer, a wizard’s wand.. that too from the wizard who is the most feared of all time? Won’t the wizard world come to our aid? Is there any news of ‘The Boy Who Lived?’ They say there was a Man who was born with the power to destroy the Dark-Lord? And he did wipe out every traces of Voldemort from this earth just at the age of 17! Is he still there? Is he doing something to rescue us from these ruins of mishanter? Will we see the happy days ever again?

BlogchatterA2Z 2021, Theme: Un-Travel

Though there has been a wiretrap news.. it says, all the houses are under some protection charm, if people stay inside the house, any traces of the dark-lord or his charm can’t enter the houses on it’s own. Only if someone is going out of the house, keeping his identity uncovered, the curses work in a flick of a shot. Though Voldemort is at his full power, he had to give away a lot to come back like he did.. His visionary sense swindles his decrees at times, hence covering the face and keeping oneself clean while stepping out plays some oddball against his legilimens judgemental favour.

So till the time the wizarding world comes with a weapon or the muggles are strong enough to protect themselves, let’s keep him off the balance with his own tricks. We will live.. We will win over this evil.. With Elder Wand or without, We will fight.. for now with a mask, sanitizer and lots of soaps!!

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