Where did that Os-world go??

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I am talking cartoon today!! Some of my favourite cartoons! Before I dive down to my memory lane, let me explain what is cartoon. So these are some animated characters, mostly animals, who can talk like humans and created to entertain children and children only. No this isn’t age specific, it’s more of mindset specific. SO, these animations.. there’s no violence, there’s no blarney, no fight with guns, yeah there used to be 2-3 characters in few of the series, but they were the one, to be taught a lesson in the end and all would be happy again.

Picture courtesy @Variety.com

These cartoons not only entertained us, they also taught us to be kind, helpful and sympathetic. My most favourite cartoon show of that time has been, Oswald. An eight legged blue octopus, with a clean heart which is religiously washed everyday with water! No that washing thing was made up, just to make you understand. Then who was this octopus’s best friend? A penguin from the north-pole called Henry, who loved his hot coco with two marshmallows, ‘No more, no less’; and another cute cute gymnastic green sunflower girl Daisy. Then there were the ice-maker Mr. Snowman, restaurateur Madam Butterfly, her caterpillar daughter Katrina, two egg brothers etc. There has been no wrong doing in their town ever, everyone has always been helpful to each other, cared for each other, they have taught us to stand with friends and loved ones, shoulder to shoulder whenever it’s needed. (Is that even thinkable!!)


Then there was Dragon Tales. Dragon Tales! You haven’t heard? Goodness! If school was really interesting, here these kids, Max and Emi used to attend two schools at times, but the twist was, the other school was far away from their own little known world, into a Dragon’s land. Where there were cute but big colourful baby dragons of blue, pink, then there was a two headed brother-sister dragon of purple and green, who had a house under a dead volcano and they all could fly with their tiny wings. And there teacher the old golden Spanish dragon was humungous, so were all the parent dragons. It was a magical land, the trees could talk, all dragons had some but different from the others magic in them, they would play together, they would work together, learn together, sometimes fight even teeny-weeny ones, together (what do you expect from little children?) but at the end they would always learn to stay together and be with each other no matter what..

Picture courtesy @Commonsensemedia.org
I wish, I wish
For those days again to come
To make us happy,
Loving and sound..

Then there was Winnie the Pooh, piglet was my favourite among all characters. Pooh’s innocence and generosity has always touched me. Actually to tell you, when I had just completed few initial years in this world, we didn’t have so many channels on our television, forget about having a dedicated 24/7 channel especially for kids program, that concept wasn’t even brewing anywhere closer. So, we used to have 2 channels available, only two; one was the DD1 which was Durdarshan National channel, where mostly we would watch news in hindi, urdu and on the regional language, then programs by singers, 1-2 serials may be, then there was DD2 or Durdarshan Metro channel. Where every evening at 5, one cartoon series would come only for half an hour. So on Monday it would be Mickey and friends, Tuesday used to be of a bear pilot called Baloo, then Wednesday was for Winnie the Pooh, then there was Uncle scrooge, Donald Duck, Chip and Dale.. I used to wait for that time in the evening.. oo then Mowngli used come on every Sunday at 7 pm, remember!! How today’s generation will feel that excitement?

Pictures courtesy @Radiotimes.com & @Collegefashion.net

I think the list will be quite long if I start adding more, hence let’s keep some for later, I am not going anywhere for now. Those were surely some days of happy-funny shows and truly kids cartoon in real sense. I know there are loads of kids channels today where they show lot of new animations.. but my dear little ones, know this, whatever is animated doesn’t mean they are meant for kids, and if there isn’t any good lesson to learn, if the characters can’t make an invisible bond with you for life they are not to be taken fondly..

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