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*** Practical tips to Become A Travel Professional

Teaching or making people learn has never been an easy job. My grandparents used to tell me that at their fledging days, small villages didn’t have schools, there used to be ‘pathshala’, where one Guruji used to teach all his students, pass his learning, all that he knew on to his disciples. Mostly those ‘pathshalas’ used to be in the mid of nature, under the cool calm shade of a century old, shaggy rustic banyan tree. Or to the max, an almost ramshackle mud house, whose thatched hay roof had many holes from where sun rays could peek in so easily or the room used to become a swamp-land during a rainy day. There were no gradation system, or becoming first in any exam, and definitely don’t bother much about certificates.

That was about one time in history, and look at today’s age. From the shade of monk trees, we have moved ourselves to a small corner of our well furnished, digitally temperature controlled room. All of a sudden school means wake up, get ready, get on to the uniform and switch on the laptop; teachers are coming to You with their lessons. Teachers are working hard for their students’ progress way more than anybody had imagined before. All of a sudden, all that a human race wants is to evolve from their well-settled-for-so-long usual friendly zone, and improvise for better. Do you think I am criticising? Absolutely NOT..

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I am part of this 21st century’s Darwinism you see.. my point is, odd times can make our unbelievable impossibility into an impressive possibility!! Does that make any sense to you? It does to me.. These months long ‘lockdown’, expelled from regular lifestyle, an understandably unwanted exile actually gave me a lot of jab to push myself to try my hard-limits. One of them was being a teacher, which I always used to find very very challenging; and that too an online teacher!! I registered so many times before to announce myself as a teacher, to take online classes.. but never could I gather the ultimate courage to face the camera!!


Sometimes maybe it’s all about ‘when it’s time.. it’s time’ factor. And I gave myself time, patience and the force of courage it required. Udemy gave me that platform, and like many others I published my own course ‘Practical tips to Become A Travel Professional’ with Udemy. Having a trustworthy background in Tourism industry, be it academic or professional, for about a decade now, and being able to successfully train few brilliant aspiring travel professionals, I wanted to share my learning with a bigger bunch of apprentice. And that’s the reason I came up with this Travel course.

This course is designed focusing mainly on the probationers, who didn’t have any degree achieved before joining the Travel industry, or people who are in a hurry to start a career or people who doesn’t want to spend another year or two studying. This course will give you the basics without which it does take time to get a grip or better understanding as to how does this tourism industry function. I hope if you are looking forward to a career in tourism industry, this course will help you to a great extent.

You can purchase this course here, currently available @50% discount for a limited period of time. You may also use the Coupon Code UDEMYTRAVEL50 to avail this discount.

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Are you up for it??

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