Solivagant Shares Sermon—let’s talk Solo-travelling- Part I

  1. Do you like it? Travelling alone?
  2. Is it safe?
  3. How does it feel?
  4. You really go? How do you go?

Though I do want to tell all those people that ‘Hey I haven’t come from 2120, I belong to your time!’.. But I actually step back and think for a while. Because I know what do they mean. I keep getting questions like these and many weirder ones from.. let’s say ‘various’ people, aaand I used to feel like a swagger ‘yay baby.. I do solo-travelling.. I am cool you see!!’

NOO, cool isn’t something that complements to my characteristics, may be ‘Hot’ I will settle with (don’t get into any kind of winking imagination, I meant my head, where temperature keep rising on short term basis) neither this is the reason that I travel solo.. You know to show off and make others jealous of me!! (***Listen this is just for you, that ‘jealous’ part feels good though)!!

Okay Okay.. Coming to the point… As there are many questions, doubts, contemplation, queries on my solivagant wanderings, for which Mata Kachuarupee Pankheshwari has come to give answer to all your dilemmas, wariness and inquiries.

There was a time, when I used to live a very simple life, doing office job, carrying office work at home some days, watch TV while having dinner, cooking Saturday night pasta, going for one or two holidays in a year with family and at times with  friends. And then… Nothing Changed!!  Apart from my travel pattern and carried away with that inclination, my exhibition of crowing about it on my #TravelBlog!!


When I was in college I used to tell my all time ‘girl’-friend, ‘I just don’t want to travel. I want to go to a country, stay there for months, see their villages, small towns and know all about them.’

She could only raise her brow to it and say in absolute disbelief ‘wow!’ At that stage of life, all you do is dream incessantly and unconditionally. I even did tell my parents few times about it, the result of it is known to you, if you have read my book. Then there were many many times I used to wish for it. So finally, ‘when it was time’ universe showed the sign and made the way.

So the point is ‘travelling Solo’ or as I call it, ‘Travelling with my own existence’ was one of my biggest goal of my life and I was running for it for a while. Lucky that I didn’t take any diversion, and This is my hideout, my way of escaping from life for a while and finding myself in a way which even I wasn’t aware of. So YESS, I LOVE travelling solo, wandering the way I want, do what I feel like and eat whenever I feel, speak to people if I like or ignore them leaving them boggled!! So question 1 & 3 answered. If you still have any doubt, which The Mata Kachuaruppe Pankheshwari knows you have, then my dear.. just let it be yaaa?? My dream.. your doubt.. let it be like this.. NEXT…

Travelling with family, husband, wife, chutku-putku, sweetheart or once again travelling ‘Alone’ (as if these people are abandoned by the world); for any of the cases we do consider safety, current political scenario, connectivity, tourism infrastructure of the place, right? (I am getting technical) I agree in terms of solo-travel a little added measure or caution is required.. and that little added caution is enough. We are in the time of easy-global-connection-and-reach. So a little bit of research, communication and confidence; things are bound to be safe. (Don’t bite your nails, this needs more discussion I got it, wait for the next posts, I am not running away)

Coming to question no. 4: You still want me to answer it?? Really? For the second part of the question, I go by flight or train or use various mode of transport as I feel like. I can even walk with my one big suitcase and a backpack.. how many people have you seen travelling solo with excess baggage??

That’s for today.. You are free to ask, tell or comment whatever you feel like to The Mata Kachuaruppe Pankheshwari. I will be back next week.. Till then stay safe, stay amazing and enjoy life.

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